An update :

as of today (July 28th), I'm able to run the search perf test and obtain those values :

June, 8th :
search : 19 727 search/s

July 28th : 35 812 search/s

NOTE : this is for a simple search (ie, OBJECT scope) and no entry in the base. The test does not go through any network (though no BER encoding/decoding). It just check the speed of the internal server.

Also it's interesting as it prove there is a wide margin of improvement in the server itself.

From the last test I did, I think we can gain 30 to 40% more by using a DN cache (DN parsing and normalization count for 26% of the whole CPU), and we have a spurious call to the hasEntry() method which costs 13,5% of the CPU. The log system costs 2.75%, something we can also improve.

Emmanuel Lécharny