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From Kasun Lakpriya <>
Subject Persistence-tooling project status.
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 03:58:00 GMT
Hi all,
I would like to let you all in dev that I have some working code for
persistence tooling which I wrote with the help from Stefan Seelmann and

- The current code for persistence-tooling project can be found in Google
code project [0].
- And it can be checked out by issuing : svn checkout

At the moment I need to write some tests for the CodeGenerator class in
order to resolve DIRSTUDIO-667. But I have a problem like this.

The CodeGenerator class which is in code-generator module is using the
CodeGeneratorContext object as a parameter  and is in persistence-core
module. Since it's not visible and is a bean class with getters and setters
I have no idea how to write test for CodeGenerator.  Any help?

And also if you all can check out the code and give me some feed back it
would be really helpful.


[0] -

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