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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Subentry refactoring headsup
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 23:25:39 GMT
  Hi guys,

a quick heads up about the current refactoring :
- I'm back into the subtree branch, I don't want to spoil the trunk atm
- I'm currently changing the way we point to subentries in selected 
entries, using the subentry's UUID instead of the DN

The first tests I ran on entries with a collective attribute subentry 
demonstrated that this approach works. I just checked the Add and Delete 
operation atm, changed the subentry cache (the key is the UUID) and I 
only had one bump in the road : as the collectiveAttributeSubentries 
operational attribute is the one supposed to store the subentry 
reference, and as it's defined as a DN syntax in RFC 3672, I had to add 
this opAttr before returning the resulting entry in lookup and search. 
It was not that easy, but nothing serious though.

I will continue my experimentations with the remaining operations, still 
checking the collectiveAttributes operations. Some more tests will be added.

Once it works with the collectiveAttributes, I will move to the ACI and 
then the Triggers interceptors.

I didn't defined yet an index to store the selected entries (a <subentry 
UUID, selected entries> index) at the moment, so subentry deletion, move 
and rename fire a full scan starting at the subentry base, because this 
index is just an optimization. I will add it later if everything goes well.

If anyone has some comments, they are very welcome.

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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