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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Ldap-API and shared refactoring : is it the right timing ?
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 08:23:14 GMT
  Hi guys,

the Ldap APIhas grown a bit since its inception, and I'm wondering if 
it's not a good timing to move to the next step : merging shared into 

The rason is that shared *is* a major part of the LDAP-API, and from a 
user standpoint, it makes no sense to have 2 jars to declare in order to 
use the API (ldap-api.jar and shared-all.jar).

One other thing we have to think about is the multiplication of shared 
sub modules. We now have 16 submodules, one of them just to create a big 
jar from all those submodules.

It's also annoying when it comes to make LDAP classes schema aware (I'm 
thinking about ACI, subtree, filters, and more important, DN), because 
the schema manager is declared in shard-schema-manager module, which 
depends on shared, and if you want to test it, you depeds on another 
module ( schema-loader ), inducing some more cyclic dependencies.

I think that there is no reason to have more than one module for 
everything. This would be the LDAP-API module, containing classes and 
tests from all the 14 shared modules, plus the 2 ldap-api modules.

Btw, it will bring an extra advantage when we will move to OSGi : OSGi 
does not like when 2 modules have 2 classes withing the same package...

thoughts ?

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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