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> We have a lot of following constructs:
> log.error( I18n.err( I18n.ERR_04007 ) );
> throw new DecoderException( I18n.err( I18n.ERR_04007 ) );
> What about logging the exception within the exception itself like
> public DecoderException(String message)
> {
>    super( message );
>    log.error( message );
> }
> This will avoid having log.error all over the place and the translation
> must be done only once instead of twice like above.

This is not a very good pattern for a number of reasons.

First, you cannot control logging at the source of the error.  Admittedly this is an error message but I have run into times where I want to turn off the klaxon to see what the real problem is.

Second, constructors should not have side effects.  It's never a good idea.

Third, I never log an error if I am throwing an exception.  It just adds noise.  I will, however, log additional useful information that is not in the exception message.  Just parroting what's in the exception is of little value.

Finally, what the heck is ERR_04007? :)  I thought there already was a discussion and community consensus about how there is little to negative value in using numbers as error messages.  Maybe I missed the conversation where this opinion was reversed.  If so, ignore this bit.  :)

+1 - we need to find a way to make this easier to read either with the IDE's help or other. 

Pardon I realized this was discussed further and that I had not read this completely. Retracting the +1. Too much mail.
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