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We have a lot of following constructs:

log.error( I18n.err( I18n.ERR_04007 ) );
throw new DecoderException( I18n.err( I18n.ERR_04007 ) );

What about logging the exception within the exception itself like

public DecoderException(String message)
    super( message );
    log.error( message );

This will avoid having log.error all over the place and the translation
must be done only once instead of twice like above.

I would not favor such code pattern. The reason is that we may not want to log in all cases, but only from time to time. Also the log can contain a different message.

To avoid a double translation, I would rather suggest something like :
String message =

String message = I18n.err( I18n.ERR_04007 );
log.error( message );
throw new DecoderException( message );


Also although perhaps unrelated ... can't we get eclipse to show the error message when doing a mouse over or something on the I18n error code? 

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