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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Trunk is stable again !
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2010 16:53:27 GMT
Pfewww... It took me more than one day to stabilize the trunk again.

Why so long ? Simple :
- I don't have my fast MBP, and I had to restore my dev env on 2 machines
(at home and at office). That only is a painful and slow process, with
eclipse, java, maven, subclipse installation (not to mention an Ubuntu
- on those two machines, compiling the full server takes more than 20
- At first, I thought I could find the issue by debugging the code. How vain
is this ... But certainly cost half a day !
- I then had to find the revision that was working. It took me something
like 10 reverts and full builds to get this revision, and I had to go back
30 revisions, then 10 revs forward.
- Again, I tried to take a shortcut by moving 10 revs forward, and fix the
issue. Vain, I said, vain...
- so back to painful revert and moving forward one revision after the other
one, and removing what was wrong.

At the end, I was bale to find what was wrong, and to keep it out of our
path :
- first a small issue with conccurent test (taht was really easy to find and
- second a brutal modification done by me that imapcted the whole server
with many strange errors (basically,  I removed the AlteredEntry field from
the ModificationOperationContext class, as we already have a ModifiedEntry
in an abstract Class. bad bad move...

Anyway, this is it !

let's move forward !
(btw, my MBP is just ready, I have to go back and get it.)

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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