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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject [GSoC] Use Jira as issue tracker for GSoC projects
Date Sun, 20 Jun 2010 12:04:43 GMT
Hi all,

Kasun and Keheliya created projects at google code and use the
provided SVN as code repository. The initial maven project structure
is set up and the students started to code.

Till now, Pierre-Arnaud and I gave some initial tasks via the mailing
list. However we think we should start to use an issue tracker because
that's the way we work at Apache Directory. The workflow is simple:
- Create an issue for each new feature, this can be done by mentors,
students, or anyone else in the community
- The students pick one issue at a time and assigns it to themself
- During development everything that is related to that issue (design,
implementation details, problems, etc.) is discussed in the issue
- Each commit message contains a reference to the issue number
- When done the student sets the issue status to "fixed"

The issue tracker should also help the students to structure their
work. A task should be small enough to be resolved within a few days,
bigger tasks can be divided into sub-tasks. I also had the idea to
create tasks in form of "user stories".

We have two options which issue tracker to use:
- the Apache Jira
- the issue tracking tool of the google code projects
I'd prefer to use the Apache Jira because then the issues are visible
to all community members and it's easier to provide help and feedback.

If we use Apache Jira we should create components in DIRSTUDIO Jira.
We already have a "studio-proxy" component, so we need to create a new
"studio-persistence" component. Kasun and Keheliya, do you already
have an Jira account? If not please create one.


Kind Regards,

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