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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: What about removing the Integration profile ?
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2010 14:22:05 GMT
On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 3:51 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> we have having hard time running integration tests using the Suite,
> especially the referral tests, because there are some nasty interactions
> between tests as we launch one server for all a suite, instead of launching
> many servers.
> The Integration profile is used to speed up the tests as we spare this
> server initialization, but otherwise, we don't run any test not in the suite
> when using this profile. This is due to some wrong reverter for the refrall
> operations.
> I think we can doom this profile, and eliminate the suites atm, to just get
> the unit tests running. It will cost us a bit more time, probably an extra
> minute, but this is a cost I can afford to pay, as fixing the referral
> reversal is a bit costly.
> Plus there is an extra penalty as we don't know which unit tests are not run
> when using this profile (except those in the Suite)
> wdyt ?

I agree that we should simplify the tests.

I think it is worth to remove the suites and run the tests directly.
This also saves the extra step to add new test classes to a suite.

I'm also ok with removing the integration profiles from all the the
test modules.

What we should consider is to create a profile in the apacheds parent
project and to activate all the integration test modules only when
activating that profile. This would speed up the build for people that
only want to checkout and run the trunk. Developers still need to
activate the profile before a commit. (Pierre-Arnaud just recently
changed the studio build this way and moved all long-running modules
to an extra profile)

Or, to go a step further, to create a sub-project "integration-tests"
and to move all the test modules to that sub-project. IMO this makes
sense because currently the integration test for the LDAP API is also
included in the apacheds sub-project.

Kind Regards,

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