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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject [Studio] Improvement proposal for Studio's Maven build
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2010 17:02:51 GMT
Hi Dev,

I've been working on some improvements to Studio's Maven build these last days in this branch

I tried to improve the way we generate distributions to reduce the amount of tasks (and time)
still done by hand when releasing a new version of Studio.
I'm tired of wasting almost a full day when a new version needs to be released...

Basically, I tried to integrate in the build (with 'release' profile enabled) the generation
of the Windows Installer Exe, the Mac OS X DMG, as well as the generation of a folder containing
all our distributions (linux-x86 and linux-x86_64 tar.gz archives, Mac OS X DMG, Windows Installer
Exe) and update site (as an archive to be deployed to the downloads area, and as a folder
for the 'online' update site), all these being signed (ASC, MD5 and SHA1) automatically.

The complete build with 'release' profile enabled takes a little more time (around 8-9 minutes),
but in the end, we get a folder, which is ready to be uploaded on for deployment.

A few facts on this new build:
- There is now a separated Maven module (packaged as a pom) for each "distribution" build
(eg: Mac OS X), which generates a zip file stored into the local repo and accessible as a
dependency to other modules.
- Same thing for:
   - Apache Directory Studio features
   - Apache Directory Studio plugins
   - Apache Directory Studio Eclipse dependencies
- The 'updatesite' module now generates two zip files (one which can be used to install Studio
in Eclipse, and another which is meant to be used on
- The new build takes a few more seconds than the current one on daily basic tasks but not
that much considering the added benefit.
   (On my machine, a complete build takes 3:12 min with the current build and 3:32 with the
new one. A 'fastbuild' takes 1:59 min with the current build and 1:59 with the new one).
  BTW, in order to gain a few "precious" seconds, I'd also recommend that we exclude the "features"
modules from the 'fastbuild' profile.

I'd like to know what you think about it, if you could test it, and if we can considering
switching to this new build on trunk.


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