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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Any interest in using Apache Karaf for Apache DS ?
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 16:07:28 GMT
On 6/8/10 2:51 PM, Guillaume Nodet wrote:
> I don't have much knowledge of DS really, but in order to make things run
> smoothly in OSGi, the first step is obviously to turn those into OSGi
> bundles.
> Karaf comes later if you want to use it as your runtime container instead of
> using your own + everything that
> Karaf provide.
> Turning ApacheDS jars into OSGi bundles should be relatively straightforward
> if there is no shared packages, which means each jar contain a set of
> packages, but those are different (you can't find classes in the same
> package in different jars).  This would be the main problem (though there
> are some ways to still do that in OSGi).
> A first step should be easy and mostly consist in:
>    * defining a set of properties in the parent pom (such as the camel.osgi.*
> in
>    * change the packaging of all jars to bundle, and define the properties
> that need to be overriden (usually the exported packages as in
> It should be easy but will certainly need to be refined over the time.
> A second step is to provide a good osgi integration, mostly if / when you
> have some discovery mechanisms such as pluggable parts.  Those are usually
> done using some kind of META-INF/services in a plain java world, but this is
> not always the best way to go in OSGi.  I don't know if / where that applies
> to ApacheDS.  This can be deferred, as a simple OSGi integration can be made
> to work without rewriting those bits for OSGi.
> The last step is to actually use OSGi as your default container, which would
> actually help finding problems in OSGi, but this it could be quite a
> disruptive move for the users, because a lot of the configuration would have
> to change.  This is where Karaf actually comes into play and provides you a
> ready to use container.
Ok, all this won't be obvious... We have to think about the consequences 
on our code base. And as we are targetting a 2.0-RC1 release pretty 
soon, I suggest we wait a bit before moving to OSGi so that the code 
base stabilize. Then we can spend some time to OSGIfy the code, *before* 
going to 2.0-RC1.
> Actually, i've just seen that trunk includes an osgi module that seems to
> build a big bundle containing lot (most ?) of the ApacheDS classes.  That is
> also one way of providing an OSGi integration point.  Might not be the best,
> but it allows users to actually deploy DS in an OSGi environment, although
> not in a very modular way.
It was an early effort, not sure we want to resume it?
> So there are different ways to go, I guess the one you want to take need to
> be discussed.
Yop. One thing : I will go in Normandy end of next week (week-end at 
Langrune s/mer), may be a good opportunity to discuss some technical 
aspect or even to give it a try F2F on a branch on friday (I can be 
there on friday morning instead of evening). Your call.

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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