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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Move classes of module core-mock to src/test/java of core-api
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2010 08:10:14 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> On 6/4/10 1:03 AM, Stefan Seelmann wrote:
>> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>>> On 6/3/10 11:04 PM, Stefan Seelmann wrote:
>>>> Hi dev,
>>>> the core-mock module includes some mock implementations of ApacheDS
>>>> core-api classes (CoreSession, DirectoryService, etc.). It is only used
>>>> as test dependency in ldif-partition.
>>>> To get rid of the core-mock module I'd like to suggest to move those
>>>> classes to src/test/java in core-api. To be able to use the test
>>>> classes
>>>> outside of the core-api module we just need to deploy the test jar of
>>>> core-api. The using module then needs to specify a dependency with
>>>> classifier "tests", see [1] for details.
>>> We also had a discussion with Pierre-Arnaud about those unit tests. Once
>>> upon a time, we have had some core-unti and server-unit modules. They
>>> have been renamed core-intger and server-integ. So far, so good, but we
>>> still have another module called apacheds-test-framework.
>>> We do think that the classes we have in core/server-integ - I mean, the
>>> classes in java/main, not the tests - should be moved to
>>> apacheds-test-framework.
>>> That being said, we could also move the core-mock into this
>>> apacheds-test-framework module.
>>> Does it make sense ?
>> I'm afraid that won't be possible because this would cause cyclic
>> dependencies.
>> The integ tests and the test framework start up a real directory service
>> with real partitions, including an LDIF based config and schema
>> partition, so they depend on the ldif-partition.
>> The mocks are used because we can't start a real directory service in
>> ldif-partion module for unit tests.
>> But we can run the integration tests against the LDIF partition.
> Ok, so we have the exact same problem than with the LDAP API : we had to
> extract the api tests and put them in ApacheDS just to be able to launch
> a real server.
> What about doing the same thing and move all the Ldif-Partition tests
> out of the ldif-partition module and put them where they can use the
> real DS ?
> I mean, tests are not to be close to the part they are testing?
> thoughts ?

I think we should distinguish unit tests and integration tests.

Unit tests should be close to the part they are testing. And they should
not test other components around. Thus it is valid to use mocks. The
tests in ldif-partition are unit tests because they just test that the
ldif-partition code works, that is that files in the file system are
created or deleted. So I think these tests are at the right place.

Kind Regards,

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