Hi Jan,

On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 2:30 AM, Jan Kotek <opencoeli@gmail.com> wrote:

I am using JDBM in my project and I decided to revive it. So I am
working on JDBM 2.0 which will have:
 * generics
 * view over BTree as SortedMap
 * secondary indexes
 * triggers on CRUD operations.
 * in future new store which will use GAE or Valdemord as backend
Most of 2.0 code is actually already written, now I am working on
samples and javadoc.

Would like to know what exactly happened to JDBM (jdbm.sourceforge.com).
It seems to be unmaintained for several years and there are dozens
forks (including yours).
Is Apache-DS still using it? Did you made big modifications since JDBM
1.0? Did you made bugfixes?

I have troubles contacting original authors. So I will probably just
start new JDBM2 project on Google code.

Jan Kotek

This sounds excellent. I am running out but would love to speak to you more about your inquiries. Also we are very interested in your work since we depend on JDBM heavily.  We as well were going to rewrite it with a JDBM 2 but we have just made some trivial modifications now to fix bugs and make it better suitable for our needs.

Will come back at ya in a little bit. BTW my skype name is akarasulu if you'd like to ping me there - while on the road i can chat/talk via skype if you like.

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