On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 3:45 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

as many can check on the commits mailing list, a lot of cleanup/refactoring is going on currently.

o Many PMD/checkstyle errors or warnings are being cleared by Felix, I would like to thank him a lot for handling such a needed task. Please feel free to answer his questions as he has not necessarily the clues about the parts he is cleaning.

(Just one thing, Felix : it would be more than appreciated if you could run the full test suite before committing, as some parts of the code is not necessarily as easy to fix as it seems. I'm not blaming you for that, I'm just trying to get the process to run more smoothly.)

o Stefan has moved around some modules, as they were just either empty, or because their existence was questionnable

o Kiran is continuing his hard work to get the Master-Slave replication working, and it's not easy.

o I have cleaned up a bit the JDBM BTree implementation, by adding generics to it, removed some recursion, and adding back the tests that were removed.

o Last, not least, I also have cleaned up the 'delete' operation which is now slightly faster on my laptop (around 400 deletes per second), by removing all the useless calls to lookups, list or normalization. The impact is minimal (around 5 %) because most of the time is spent in the backend updating indexes and the master table.

In the near future, we have some pretty heavy agenda :
- finish the master/slave replication system, and test it thouroughly
- decouple the BTree layer from the IO layer, so that we can have the possibility to swap out this part
- finish the cleanup (PMD/CheckStyle)
- speedup the add/modify/modifyDN operations
- remove the brutal synchronization we hav in the backend and replace it with something more convenient (either an optimistic concurrent locking, or a MVCC system based BTree). We are still investigating this area atm.

Great job guys! Really you're guys moving along very rapidly. I'm a bit jealous these days for not being in the code with you guys but I'm mighty proud to see y'all groking the hard stuff without breaking a sweat.

Hey save something for me to do OK :-D.

Alex Karasulu
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