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>> I suggest to clone such data and return the clone instead.
>> WDYT?
> This is not so simple. For instance, in the Value class, we returns the
> direct internal object for performance reasons. It should be checked
> case by case.

I can agree the performance reasons. OTOH it's a 'public' class which
may be used by other (third party) projects as well. For these projects
we will need to have either a big warning in the javadocs or to
implement it in a save way.

You're 100% right about that. We have to take precautions to make sure users of the API do not shoot themselves in the foot. Each case needs to be analyzed and changes to make some mutable structures immutable must be put into our roadmap.

Felix this might be something that might help as an exercise for you to get to know the internals of the server much better. Right now you're of course invaluable to us in the way you've picked up various tasks.  However you might find it extremely pleasurable to start tinkering with the more meaty issues of the server. We have several very interesting problems and rewarding potential solutions in this architecture. In addition, knowing your insight and strict approach to following conventions, we would always love to hear your suggestions on these matters as well.

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