On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 11:48 AM, Stefan Zoerner <stefan@labeo.de> wrote:
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
I think that until we reach a point where we have a stable 2.0, we should go for 2.0.0-RC1. Then we can abandon this RC stuff.

The reason is that we have a hell lot of things to do in order to be production ready for 2.0, including docs and tests (I mean, production tests). We are far from having all those guys finished... Also having a 2.0.0-RC1 will help us to send a message that ADS-2.0-RC1 is finally out there, ready to be tested, and we need feedback. If we release a 2.0 (no RC1) then we might have negative feedback like "it's crap, don't use it !", something we don't want to have for a final version. It *will* take time before we stabilize : remember 1.0-RCs ?

Exactly. The documentation lacks a lot of basic things. Many changes in the development have not been applied to the confluence Wiki.

The description on how to embed the server for instance or the way how to use ApacheDS in unit tests have to be updated before officially releasing a 2.0.

A release candidate gives us a chance to consolidate that.

But we have the same problem as always. Which confluence space to use? Shall we reactivate DIRxSRVx20, and move things from 1.5 to there?


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