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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [ADS 2.0] Bug report #2
Date Mon, 31 May 2010 21:56:28 GMT
This is a quick report on the current ADS 2.0-RC1 state. Many bugs and 
improvements have been fixed since last week : 23 bugs, and 13 
At the same time, we also postponed some less importance issues (6 bugs, 
3 improvements)

We still have 62 bugs and 49 improvements, not to mention the 50 new 
features, 22 tasks and 4 wishes !!

Let's continue the good work !

Note :
B : Blocking
C : Critical
M : Major
m : Minor
t : Trivial

Bug : bug
Impv : improvement
Feat : new feature
Task : task
Test : test
Wish : wish

Bug  M DIRSHARED-60 Equality matching rule is not required for an 
attribute type description
Bug  B DIRSERVER-1411    Server is launched with default values while 
passing a folder to the UberJarMain class
Bug  B DIRSERVER-1448    Unable to update User attributes
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1399    The modify() operation does not use MR to 
compare values
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1417    Deleting an AttributeType with an Index based 
on it won't remove the index
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1449    EntryUUID AT should not be accepted for a Add, 
Delete or Modify operation
Bug  M DIRSERVER-849        Lacking atomicity for modify operations on 
schema subentry
Bug  M DIRSERVER-982        Installed server not aware of Hot Partition 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-985        PartitionConfig is specific to Jdbm
Bug  M DIRSERVER-894        Older concurrent changes are never replicated
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1010    Should the order in which hot partitions are 
connected to matter?
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1101    New replicas may never receive some recent 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1137    getAttributes( nm, null ) returns empty 
Attributes if replication enabled?
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1173    Delete operation with a PersistentSearch 
returns the deleted entry
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1277    Mitosis with 1.5.4 (linux BIN) blocking login 
and not replicating.
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1336    lowercase m-may attributes change on LDIF 
import with Studio
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1416    createTimestamp operational is accepted in an 
incoming entry oif theprincipal is Admi : this is not normal
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1450    Check that we cannot inject 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1451    servicePrincipal is not configurable
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1098    New replicas may never be synchronised
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1121    Filter mutated by optimizer passed to other 
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1432    WARN: Null LdapSession given to cleanUpSession.
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1487    apacheds-all-1.5.6.jar does not contain Commons 
IO, causes NoClassDefFoundError when used
Impv M DIRSERVER-918        Storing DN within attributes
Impv M DIRSERVER-958        DNs are consumming a lot of space when 
stored as String in the backend
Impv M DIRSERVER-1210    Make the core-plugin (schema) generating mojo 
produce schema constants file
Impv M DIRSERVER-1227    Replication should transfer textual objects
Impv M DIRSERVER-1230    ChangeLogEvent should serialize data using a 
textual format
Impv M DIRSERVER-1468    PERF : Modify operation can be speeded up by a 
10 times factor
Impv M DIRSERVER-1480    Generalize test framework and test suites to 
use different partition implementations
Impv M DIRSERVER-1485    Refactor AvlStore and JdbmStore, extract common 
super class
Impv M DIRSERVER-1492    Implementing the fast modifyDN proposal
Impv M DIRSERVER-1494    Introduce AbstractStore class
Impv m DIRSERVER-683        Entry lookup are done more than once in 
modify operation
Impv m DIRSERVER-1060    MultihashMap is deprecate
Impv m DIRSERVER-1097    Only send net changes during replication

Postponed :
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1143    ldappasswd fails to bind
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1471    Providing a right fix for DIRSERVER-1459
Impv M DIRSERVER-1350    Support changing log4j configuration for 
SiRunner-launched ApacheDS instances
Impv M DIRSERVER-1484    Many of the Server-Integ tests are depending on 
Impv t DIRSERVER-1338    Allow non-Jdbm schema partition
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1091    not Support multiple resource record answers 
caused by ResourceRecordImpl's error equals method
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1092 not support ordered 
multiple resource record answers
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1093    the ResourceRecordEncoder and 
QuestionRecordEncoder have bug for empty domainName:(
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1107    

shall not use to generate CRC32 checksum

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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