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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [2.0-RC1] report #2
Date Sun, 30 May 2010 09:45:34 GMT
Hi guys,

since we decided to go for a 2.0.0-RC1 this week, here is the list of 
fixed JIRAs :

*** Bug  M DIRSHARED-60 Equality matching rule is not required for an 
attribute type description
*** Bug  B DIRSERVER-1411    Server is launched with default values 
while passing a folder to the UberJarMain class
*** Bug  B DIRSERVER-1448    Unable to update User attributes
*** Bug  C DIRSERVER-1417    Deleting an AttributeType with an Index 
based on it won't remove the index
*** Bug  C DIRSERVER-1449    EntryUUID AT should not be accepted for a 
Add, Delete or Modify operation
*** Bug  M DIRSERVER-894        Older concurrent changes are never 
*** Bug  M DIRSERVER-1137    getAttributes( nm, null ) returns empty 
Attributes if replication enabled?
--- Bug  M DIRSERVER-1143    ldappasswd fails to bind
*** Bug  M DIRSERVER-1173    Delete operation with a PersistentSearch 
returns the deleted entry
*** Bug  M DIRSERVER-1277    Mitosis with 1.5.4 (linux BIN) blocking 
login and not replicating.
*** Bug  M DIRSERVER-1336    lowercase m-may attributes change on LDIF 
import with Studio
*** Bug  M DIRSERVER-1416    createTimestamp operational is accepted in 
an incoming entry oif theprincipal is Admi : this is not normal
*** Bug  M DIRSERVER-1450    Check that we cannot inject 
*** Bug  M DIRSERVER-1451    servicePrincipal is not configurable
*** Bug  m DIRSERVER-1432    WARN: Null LdapSession given to cleanUpSession.
*** Bug  m DIRSERVER-1487    apacheds-all-1.5.6.jar does not contain 
Commons IO, causes NoClassDefFoundError when used
*** Impv M DIRSERVER-1468    PERF : Modify operation can be speeded up 
by a 10 times factor
*** Impv M DIRSERVER-1492    Implementing the fast modifyDN proposal
*** Impv m DIRSERVER-683        Entry lookup are done more than once in 
modify operation

the JIRA flagged '---' has been postponed.

This represent 17% of all the bugs that have been fixed in 4 days, quite 
a good achievement !

We still have 76 bugs pending, 62 improvements, 50 new features, 22 
tasks and 4 wishes :)

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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