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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [ADS 2.0] Bug report #1
Date Wed, 26 May 2010 13:10:50 GMT
Hi guys,

Here is the list of all opened JIRAs for DIR, DIRSHARED, DIRAPI and 
DIRSERVER. If we have to release a 2.0 soon, then atm we have a total of 
91 bugs, 65 improvements, 50 new features, 22 tasks and 4 wishes.

A hell lot of work !

Note :
B : Blocking
C : Critical
M : Major
m : Minor
t : Trivial

Bug : bug
Impv : improvement
Feat : new feature
Task : task
Test : test
Wish : wish

Task M DIR-248     Where to deploy generated documentation?
Task M DIR-254     Add a chapter in the doco to explain how to enable a 
Task m DIR-218     Reduce number of confluence spaces
Task m DIR-245     Create a page about using ADS with AcegiSecurity
Wish m DIR-120     Matrix comparison against other LDAP servers
Wish M DIR-255     Daily build download     Alex Karasulu

To be done for 2.0 :

DIRSHARED (0.9.20)
Bug  M DIRSHARED-53 Review RequestID processing
Bug  M DIRSHARED-60 Equality matching rule is not required for an 
attribute type description

DIRSHARED-53 is pending, waiting for clarification.

Bug  M DIRSHARED-40    DN parser, LdapDN, Rdn, Atav issues
Impv M DIRSHARED-11    Relax the ACI grammar parser     Unassigned
Impv M DIRSHARED-35    LdifEntry should expose methods to manipulate 
Impv m DIRSHARED-37    Reconsider interfaces and base classes for 
Task C DIRSHARED-5    Add the missing javadocs     Emmanuel Lecharny
Task C DIRSHARED-50    Rename DN methods to reflect the Client API decisions

We have to finish 40, 5 and 50, so we can move those issues back to 0.9.20.
11, 35 and 37 could wait.

DIRAPI (0.2.0)
Bug  C DIRAPI-7     Low performance on search operation compared to JNDI 
(around 5 times slower)
Bug  M DIRAPI-13     Recursively drilling into the directory structure 
causes java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
Impv M DIRAPI-8     Make client-api schema aware
Impv M DIRAPI-15     The lookup() method should return an Entry
Feat M DIRAPI-2     Add generic support for Extended operations
Feat M DIRAPI-11     Implement the StartTLS operation
Feat C DIRAPI-12     Add the LDAPS connection
Feat M DIRAPI-14 Add an exists(DN) method

DIRAPI-7 should be fixed. DIRAPI-13 has to be evaluated, not sure it's 
really a problem.

Generally speaking, LDAP API is orthogonal with ADS 2.0

We have a total of 88 bugs.

Bugs (3B 11C 61M 11m 2t):
Bug  B DIRSERVER-1411    Server is launched with default values while 
passing a folder to the UberJarMain class
Bug  B DIRSERVER-1448    Unable to update User attributes
Bug  B DIRSERVER-1499    The original entry in the ClonedServerEntry get 
modified by some operations
Bug  C DIRSERVER-955        FilterMatch permissions are not being 
handled in Access Control decisions
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1252    Server tools dump command broken due to use of 
old paths
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1327    Creating a new index when the server has 
already stored values for the attribute does not work
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1389    Cannot index binary attributeTypes using the 
SUBSTR matching rule
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1393    Modification with multiple items are not 
considered as atomic operation
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1399    The modify() operation does not use MR to 
compare values
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1402    Many Comparators are missing
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1417    Deleting an AttributeType with an Index based 
on it won't remove the index
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1449    EntryUUID AT should not be accepted for a Add, 
Delete or Modify operation
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1458    Cursor API generic usage is totally wrong
Bug  C DIRSERVER-1463    Response controls are not added to the response 
messages correctly
Bug  M DIRSERVER-803        Creating an alias from a child entry to the 
ancestor causes an error (return code 36)
Bug  M DIRSERVER-824        Collective attributes are not evaluated in 
search operations when they are used in filter expressions
Bug  M DIRSERVER-849        Lacking atomicity for modify operations on 
schema subentry
Bug  M DIRSERVER-922        Data is "lost" after adding Index to config file
Bug  M DIRSERVER-982        Installed server not aware of Hot Partition 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-985        PartitionConfig is specific to Jdbm
Bug  M DIRSERVER-894        Older concurrent changes are never replicated
Bug  M DIRSERVER-999        rangeOfValues protedtedItem should not be 
applicable in Entry scope
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1000    The filter of the rangeOfValues protectedItem 
should be evaluated on only the single attribute, not the whole entry
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1010    Should the order in which hot partitions are 
connected to matter?
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1059    Interceptor bypass logic is flawed
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1091    not Support multiple resource record answers 
caused by ResourceRecordImpl's error equals method
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1092 not support ordered 
multiple resource record answers
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1093    the ResourceRecordEncoder and 
QuestionRecordEncoder have bug for empty domainName:(
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1094    ChangeLog interfaces must be able to capture 
enough information to restore state of operational attributes
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1101    New replicas may never receive some recent 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1107    

shall not use to generate CRC32 checksum
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1116    apacheds-protocol-dhcp-1.5.1.jar is missing in 
Windows Intaller 1.5.1
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1137    getAttributes( nm, null ) returns empty 
Attributes if replication enabled?
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1143    ldappasswd fails to bind
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1169    Access control don't apply to the rootDSE
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1172    Sasl PLAIN mechanism should only be 
enabled/offered after TLS layer is establish
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1173    Delete operation with a PersistentSearch 
returns the deleted entry
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1198    Requests of usercertificate;binary are not 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1211    Error code 54 in modify-replace operation
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1223    @Ignore annotation on both core and server 
integ causes tests to stop
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1232    @ApplyLdifs does not add multiple attributes
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1240    After binding using NTLM, cannot query if 
AllowAnonymousAccess is off
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1277    Mitosis with 1.5.4 (linux BIN) blocking login 
and not replicating.
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1281    StreamCorruptedException after brutal shutdown
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1285    Quotes in DN are not handled correctly during 
normalization [was: Quotes in DN on simple binds causes referral error]
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1319    Cannot save String values larger than 64 Kb
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1330    Using a filter with present match with unknown 
attribute type causes error (error code 16)
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1336    lowercase m-may attributes change on LDIF 
import with Studio
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1349    Alias not working with scope ONELEVEL_SCOPE
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1354    System files partition corruption
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1355    Alias dereferncing with subtree search isn't 
working correctly
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1357    NullPointerException when deleting alias
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1360    Architectural overview
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1361    Give the user directions about which version to use
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1362    Setting admin password docs out of sync (need 
current docs?)
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1363    Update documentation for Spring configuration 
(Basic User Guide)
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1373    Update of server certificate in 
uid=admin,ou=system only takes effect after restart
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1390    Attribute caching issues - warning and error 
messages thrown on startup
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1394    Modifying subschema subentry doesn't work in 
some case
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1416    createTimestamp operational is accepted in an 
incoming entry oif theprincipal is Admi : this is not normal
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1419    Can inject accessControlSubentries when 
creating a new entry
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1420    Cannot start the server : reuseAddress can't be 
set while the acceptor is bound at shutdown
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1440    Using leading and/or trailing blanks in RDN 
attribute leads to erroneous behaviour.
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1450    Check that we cannot inject 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1451    servicePrincipal is not configurable
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1456    build error: JUnit test failure on 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1457    Binary Attribute Type causes 
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1469    When a bind is pending, no other operation 
should be allowed
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1471    Providing a right fix for DIRSERVER-1459
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1486    Why does download directory include the path 
element 'unstable' ?
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1490    Not 100% sure, but the DN caches we have in the 
server might not be updated when doing a Move
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1491    Improve schema extractor     Unassigned
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1498    Reverting modification on referrals are not 
handling corrrectly if the ManageDSAIT control is set
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1500    Error searching children of known element.
Bug  M DIRSERVER-1501    Access Control can't retain after restart.
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1098    New replicas may never be synchronised
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1121    Filter mutated by optimizer passed to other 
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1209    Some SP tests are not working anymore because 
of JNDI removal
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1286    Windows service always created with default 
installation path
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1309    Connecting with null password causes wrong LDAP 
result code
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1312    Log4j with DEBUG
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1325    Simple Authentication can not be disabled
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1432    WARN: Null LdapSession given to cleanUpSession.
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1461    SaslGssapiBindITest.testSaslGssapiBind() test 
method fails when /etc/hosts file contains values referring to
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1467    No permission to read all documentation about ACL
Bug  m DIRSERVER-1487    apacheds-all-1.5.6.jar does not contain Commons 
IO, causes NoClassDefFoundError when used
Bug  t DIRSERVER-257        [Access Control] Autonomous areas for AC 
must not overlap
Bug  t DIRSERVER-1423    "Normal" user created after instalation of 
apacheds-1.5.5-i386.deb package

Improvements (3C 42M 15m 2t):
Impv C DIRSERVER-731        Streaming big objects
Impv C DIRSERVER-1378    Remove the Singleton from the DirectoryService, 
as it defeats the possibility to have more than one instance of this class
Impv C DIRSERVER-1497    We need to support DSA referrals
Impv M DIRSERVER-454        Refactor to remove dup code from commit 239501
Impv M DIRSERVER-640        bring error hints from CustomAuthenticators 
extending AbstractAuthenticator back to the client.
Impv M DIRSERVER-874        Entries should be normalized in the 
Impv M DIRSERVER-888        Add a verification before deleting an Object 
Class in the schema
Impv M DIRSERVER-918        Storing DN within attributes
Impv M DIRSERVER-958        DNs are consumming a lot of space when 
stored as String in the backend
Impv M DIRSERVER-959        We nedd a global cache
Impv M DIRSERVER-997        Block search ability for userPassword attribute
Impv M DIRSERVER-1049        [PERF] Speed improvement in Search operation
Impv M DIRSERVER-1067    Add support for Virtual Attributes
Impv M DIRSERVER-1070    [PERF]Substring Filters are evaluated for every 
single entry
Impv M DIRSERVER-1081    Injecting more information in the opContext 
Impv M DIRSERVER-1160    provide more details when throwing 
"AccessControlException: access denied"
Impv M DIRSERVER-1164    SSL Cert Compatibility issue with LDAPS for 
Outlook Clients
Impv M DIRSERVER-1178    Add parent entry and id of primary entry in 
operation context
Impv M DIRSERVER-1179    Leverage ClonedServerEntry better: review and 
fix places where redundant lookup of entry is performed
Impv M DIRSERVER-1210    Make the core-plugin (schema) generating mojo 
produce schema constants file
Impv M DIRSERVER-1219    Review and make sure eagar loading of target 
entries in OperationContexts occurs at most once
Impv M DIRSERVER-1225    Add a Entry factory and pass it as an argument 
to the LdifEntry constructor
Impv M DIRSERVER-1227    Replication should transfer textual objects
Impv M DIRSERVER-1230    ChangeLogEvent should serialize data using a 
textual format
Impv M DIRSERVER-1248    rc.d init script to default to "default" instance
Impv M DIRSERVER-1271    Inject the modified entry into the OpContext
Impv M DIRSERVER-1282    Unit testing documentation is out of date
Impv M DIRSERVER-1290    [Perf]Potential Speedup by returning a ref 
instead of a clone when asking for the RootDSE
Impv M DIRSERVER-1321    Clarify relationship between 
partition.syncOnWrite and apacheDS.syncPeriodMillis configuration attributes
Impv M DIRSERVER-1322    Auto inferring context entry
Impv M DIRSERVER-1323    Command line tools for creating, deleting and 
managing instances
Impv M DIRSERVER-1339    When doing a base scope search is a lookup 
Impv M DIRSERVER-1350    Support changing log4j configuration for 
SiRunner-launched ApacheDS instances
Impv M DIRSERVER-1382    Change the Cursor semantic for the next() and 
previous() methods
Impv M DIRSERVER-1424    In integ test, add setter search for 
ldapServer/service static fields
Impv M DIRSERVER-1447    loadAllEnabled() method is taking way too long
Impv M DIRSERVER-1468    PERF : Modify operation can be speeded up by a 
10 times factor
Impv M DIRSERVER-1478    [Perf] The filterContents() method is suboptimal
Impv M DIRSERVER-1480    Generalize test framework and test suites to 
use different partition implementations
Impv M DIRSERVER-1484    Many of the Server-Integ tests are depending on 
Impv M DIRSERVER-1485    Refactor AvlStore and JdbmStore, extract common 
super class
Impv M DIRSERVER-1489    Provide access to remote connection info
Impv M DIRSERVER-1492    Implementing the fast modifyDN proposal
Impv M DIRSERVER-1494    Introduce AbstractStore class
Impv M DIRSERVER-1496    [perf] Entry should not be cloned when doing a 
Impv m DIRSERVER-176        Cleaning LdapMessage classes
Impv m DIRSERVER-289        Configure an optional password message 
digest algorithm which is applied on userPassword attribute values at 
add and modify operations.
Impv m DIRSERVER-477        Alias deferencing interceptor
Impv m DIRSERVER-683        Entry lookup are done more than once in 
modify operation
Impv m DIRSERVER-872        [PERF]Still too many DN normalization
Impv m DIRSERVER-876        Add a new 'supportedExtension' or 
'supportedFeatures' value in RootDSE for ACI Item
Impv m DIRSERVER-953        Provide registration scope support for 
Subtree (besides current Base support) in ModifyDN.Export/Import Triggers
Impv m DIRSERVER-1060    MultihashMap is deprecate
Impv m DIRSERVER-1097    Only send net changes during replication
Impv m DIRSERVER-1236    Store an AttributeEntry object in filter's node
Impv m DIRSERVER-1294    Add size() and hasNext() methods to cursors
Impv m DIRSERVER-1299    Add causes when rethrowing caught exceptions 
(e.g. in
Impv m DIRSERVER-1310    Improve the way we handle controls 
Impv m DIRSERVER-1359    Embedding guide problems
Impv m DIRSERVER-1460    Add locale to configuration
Impv t DIRSERVER-1338    Allow non-Jdbm schema partition
Impv t DIRSERVER-1346    Use ServiceLifecycleListener to avoid having 
System.out messages for service start/stop events.

New Features (1C 37M 8m):
Feat C DIRSERVER-1436    Provide a tool to restore a crashed database
Feat M DIRSERVER-434        Add Support for Paged Search Results Control
Feat M DIRSERVER-440        Integrate clients into ApacheDS tools
Feat M DIRSERVER-443        JNDI Event delivery should be asynchronous 
in a separate thread
Feat M DIRSERVER-641        provide a security context to
Feat M DIRSERVER-678        Add support for extended operations to the Core
Feat M DIRSERVER-760        reading .schema files at server start-up
Feat M DIRSERVER-866        Initialization with another backend than 
JDBM for the system partition
Feat M DIRSERVER-887        provide remote access info (memnonic name 
and ip) to complement audit trail info
Feat M DIRSERVER-910        Provide getEffectiveRights like capability 
within Access Control subsystem
Feat M DIRSERVER-937        Add HTTP service for ApacheDS
Feat M DIRSERVER-992        Define new schema objects for Stored 
Procedure handling
Feat M DIRSERVER-1030    Add CascadeControl and add functionality to 
cascade modify and delete effects
Feat M DIRSERVER-1036    Change backend to allow alternate store 
configurations - not just non-jdbm
Feat M DIRSERVER-1063    Implement Substring filter normalization
Feat M DIRSERVER-1155    Use the rollback mechanism to restore the base 
when schema is modified
Feat M DIRSERVER-1185    Add support for Password Policy
Feat M DIRSERVER-1186    Trace control and request level logging
Feat M DIRSERVER-1203    RFC2307bis Support is missing
Feat M DIRSERVER-1217    Binds with referrals can be used for delegated 
Feat M DIRSERVER-1220    Implement the EXTERNAL SASL mechanism
Feat M DIRSERVER-1221    Suport the proxy auhtorization in SASL 
Feat M DIRSERVER-1222    Add our own NTLM protocol implementation
Feat M DIRSERVER-1259    Make the userPassword not searchable from the 
Feat M DIRSERVER-1261    Add some CL tools to rebuild indices
Feat M DIRSERVER-1263    Add authz schema
Feat M DIRSERVER-1264    Add extended operations to reverting
Feat M DIRSERVER-1265    Add support for VLV control
Feat M DIRSERVER-1291    Support of Proxied Authorization Control (RFC 4370)
Feat M DIRSERVER-1331    Ldif object should be able to return a List of 
Feat M DIRSERVER-1345    Oracle partition implementation
Feat M DIRSERVER-1388    Add the DeleteTree control
Feat M DIRSERVER-1422    Delegation of Authentication
Feat M DIRSERVER-1427    Errors should contain the associated 
SchemaObject when modifying the schema
Feat M DIRSERVER-1453    Map SASL principals to DNs for ACI validation
Feat M DIRSERVER-1477    Add an extended operation to re-index an attribute
Feat M DIRSERVER-1479    The cursor implementation does not have a 
hasNext() method
Feat M DIRSERVER-1508    Add an extended operation to perform operations 
on config schema dynamically
Feat m DIRSERVER-264        Add Support for Sort Control
Feat m DIRSERVER-275        Add Support for LDAP Password Modify 
Extended Operation
Feat m DIRSERVER-441        Add Support for Language Tags and Ranges
Feat m DIRSERVER-939        Implement RFC 4529
Feat m DIRSERVER-954        Provide pluggable implementation support for 
Trigger execution order
Feat m DIRSERVER-949        Add support for LDAP URLs in context searches
Feat m DIRSERVER-1004    Support REAL syntax and matchingRules without 
precision loss
Feat m DIRSERVER-1246    Add shell scripts and batch files for clients

Tasks (2C 11M 3m):
Task C DIRSERVER-1233    Add some unit tests for the CoreSession class
Task C DIRSERVER-1482    Many methods' signature just declare a throws 
Exception : this is not enough
Task M DIRSERVER-550        Clear numerous documentation TODOs
Task M DIRSERVER-710        Exception tree should be reviewed
Task M DIRSERVER-833        Attribute(s)Impl usage and API
Task M DIRSERVER-1057    Misplaced StoreProcedure packages
Task M DIRSERVER-1193    Cleanup Index access methods after making 
Partitions hold configuration info in bigbang
Task M DIRSERVER-1244    Code review + cleaning
Task M DIRSERVER-1245    Source audit
Task M DIRSERVER-1398    Add tests for modify Operation
Task M DIRSERVER-1403    Implement the missing normalizers
Task M DIRSERVER-1452    Fix all the @Ignored test classes and methods
Task M DIRSERVER-1481    core-integ IntegrationUtils is using JNDI
Task m DIRSERVER-1056    Cleaning the warnings
Task m DIRSERVER-1358    Adding a FAQ
Task m DIRSERVER-1370    Improve the schema handling

Tests (1C 3M):
Test C DIRSERVER-1433    Add tests for every methods in SchemaManager
Test M DIRSERVER-1069    Outdated doc for unittesting version 1.5.1
Test M DIRSERVER-1428    Implement tests for ObjectClass additions in 
Test M DIRSERVER-1429    Implement tests for Syntax additions in 

Wishes (2m):
Wish m DIRSERVER-1117    DHCP Section in server.xml
Wish m DIRSERVER-1174    apacheds-tools schema enable samba

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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