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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Architecture Diagram for Object LDAP persistence Tooling : gsoc2010
Date Sun, 23 May 2010 12:00:27 GMT
Kasun Lakpriya wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have added some description about each and every component to make
> the diagram descriptive. Please add your suggestions and modifications
> need to  added to this. It can be found in the same link [1] below.
> [1] -
Looks very great!

I'm not sure if it is necessary to distinguish between "Apache Directory
Studio" and "Eclipse". The LDAP Persistence Tooling makes only sense
when the Studio plugins are installed within the Eclipse IDE.

For the Code Generator you should use a template engine because I think
it allows great flexibility.

The Schema Creator part is a bit unclear. What do you mean with the
second bullet "Directly using the API"?

I think it's time to make your hands dirty  :-) . You already mentioned in
IRC that you'd like to start with path A, that's great. I'd recommend to
create a first prototype:
- Create an new UI plugin that adds a new menu item to the LDAP Browser
context menu used to select an entry and to call the analyzer
- Create a simple version of "LDAP entry and schema Analyzer" that just
extracts the structural object class from the entry and all user
attributes from the schema
- Select a template engine for the code generator
- Create a simple template that just generates a Java class named like
the structural object class (capitalize the first letter) and with
attributes (type Object) for all user attributes. No DAO yet.

So for example, when selecting an inetOrgPerson" entry the generated
Java class looks like this:

public InetOrgPerson
    private Object objectClass
    private Object cn;
    private Object givenName;
    private Object telephoneNumber;

I think it is important to get some working code very early. Then it is
much easier to discuss improvements and to add new features.

Please share you code early and ask for help if needed.

Kind Regards,

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