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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: LDAP diagnostic tool - GSoC 2010
Date Sun, 23 May 2010 09:49:29 GMT
Keheliya Gallaba wrote:
> Hi all,
> Thanks very much for your descriptive feedback. I modified the
> architecture diagram [1] according to your suggestions. As Emmanuel
> pointed out, I'm hoping to get an idea from apacheds-protocol-ldap
> subproject for intercepting messages coming from the client and using
> Apache LDAP API to send the modified messages to the server. I think
> responses coming from the server need not to be modified. They can be
> just captured for logging purposes, and redirected to the client
> unmodified.
Why not modiying or filtering the response? I think this is an essential
feature. In you proposal you already descibe several use cases.

Can you please also describe what the "Validater" (should I be
calledValidator?) and "Debugger" are used for?

In 3. you write "for later ... playback", in that case it must be
possible to read the messages (could be request or response messages)
and send them (maybe modifed) to the server or client.

Having said that I have a more general design in mind:
- a message source (the TCP layer or the storage when replaying messages)
- a message target (the TCP layer)
- a message processor in between that is used for validation, logging,
debugging, modification.
The message processor could use the interceptor pattern (we already use
the interceptor pattern in the server). Then the validator, logger,
debugger, etc. can just be implemented as an interceptor.

What do others think?

Kind Regards,

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