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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Help needed with home-compiled apacheDS
Date Fri, 21 May 2010 20:29:54 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> On 5/21/10 7:14 PM, Snake wrote:
>> Greetings.
>> First off, I want to congratulate all the people involved in this
>> project. I also want to mention that my first language is not english,
>> so I apologize if the following seems confusing. I also apologize if
>> I'm using the wrong mailing list to ask for help on the following
>> issue.
>> I have downloads the source code for ApacheDS from the subversion
>> repository, and I managed to compile it with maven. I also was able to
>> launch it and connect to it using apache directory studio, using the
>> script located at
>> ./apache-trunk/installers/apacheds-noarch/ I get a lot of
>> warining and errors while launching, but I can get the job done.
> So far, so good.
>> However, I don't know how to supply the application with the
>> server.xml file. There are several server.xml files in the
>> ./apache-trunk/installers/ directory, but i don't know which of them
>> to use. I also believe that I might have to edit the
>> ./apache-trunk/installers/apacheds-noarch/ script in order
>> to specify the path for server.xml, but I don't know what parameters
>> to use.

Please note that the current trunk doesn't support the server.xml any
more. Instead you have an additional partition ou=config for
configuration. It has the very same structure as server.xml, it
shouldn't be difficult to understand. You can edit it with Studio.

> In fact, you can also build the installer, and you'll get a fully
> fonctional server, with the associated configuration.
> Have a look at
>> I would really appreciate if someone could show me how to do this. I'm
>> trying to perform throughput tests with apacheDS's kerberos service
>> that I need to include in a computer science article that I'm writing,
>> which in turn may affect my Master's degree evaluation. Thanks in
>> advance to anyone who might reply to this.
> You might want to read those pages :

Kind Regards,

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