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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: Heads up about what's going on
Date Fri, 21 May 2010 04:17:05 GMT
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Thanks for heads up as well.

> (Just one thing, Felix : it would be more than appreciated if you could
> run the full test suite before committing, as some parts of the code is
> not necessarily as easy to fix as it seems. I'm not blaming you for
> that, I'm just trying to get the process to run more smoothly.)

I thought that "mvn clean install -Dintegration" will do this (and I try
to run it before I commit the stuff, maybe I missed it on the latest
commit, sorry). And as I know not being fully fit on the code I really
try to run the tests before doing the commit - and they passed for
shared as wellas for apacheds. Is there a must using SunJDK instead
JRokit or did I got the wrong command for running all the tests? Or is
the test of apacheds also mandatory when doing any changes in shared? It
took for apacheds about 7 minutes 20 seconds - is this long enough?

Some of the equals methods are still breaking the contract of symmetric,
transitive [1] because of using reference comparison for collections
[2], e.g. [3]. Is this wanted (there are more such cases).


Thanks for help
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