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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Merging XDBM modules
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 21:07:18 GMT
Hi dev,

we have a very deep dependency hierarchy within apacheds:

jdbm-partition            has dependency to
|- xdbm-search            has dependency to
   |- jdbm-store          has test dependency to
      |- core-avl         has dependency to
         |- xdbm-base     has dependency to
            |- core-api   has dependency to

As far as I know xdbm has been spitted into two separate modules to
decouple it from jdbm but keep the search engine (xdbm-search) testable
using jdbm-store, which is an implementation of xdbm-base.

Today we have another store implementation, the in-memory AVL store.
This would make it possible to merge xdbm-base and xdbm-search again. A
requirement is to move the AVL store classes from avl-partition to xdbm
and use the AVL store for testing the XDBM search engine.

The resulting dependency tree then would look like this:

|- jdbm-store
   |- xdbm (merged xdbm-search and xdbm-base plus AVL store classes)
      |- core-avl
      |- core-api

IMO this step brings lot of advantages: Less modules. Less dependencies.
XDBM gets completely decoupled from JDBM.


Kind Regards,

P.S. A further step is to merge jdbm-store into jdbm-partition and maybe
core-avl into core-api.

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