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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: JDBM 2.0
Date Sun, 09 May 2010 08:20:55 GMT
Hi Jan,

On 5/6/10 1:30 AM, Jan Kotek wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using JDBM in my project and I decided to revive it. So I am
> working on JDBM 2.0 which will have:
>   * generics
>   * view over BTree as SortedMap
>   * secondary indexes
>   * triggers on CRUD operations.
>   * in future new store which will use GAE or Valdemord as backend
> Most of 2.0 code is actually already written, now I am working on
> samples and javadoc.
Interesting !
> Would like to know what exactly happened to JDBM (
> It seems to be unmaintained for several years and there are dozens
> forks (including yours).
It has stalled, mainly because the authors moved to other tasks, and 
also because the code base was considered as stable enough.

> Is Apache-DS still using it? Did you made big modifications since JDBM
> 1.0? Did you made bugfixes?
We have fixed a few issues in the current code, mainly because we needed 
some extensions (very few), but we now think that we need more. As the 
project has been forked here, we will most certainly try to review the 
full code and move for a 2.0 too.
> I have troubles contacting original authors. So I will probably just
> start new JDBM2 project on Google code.
May be you could consider injecting your modifications here at Apache ? 
We need this project to be alive and kicking, also having more exposure. 
Apache is probably the best way to get this exposure at this point.

Let's talk about that !


Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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