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From "St Clair S. Clarke" <>
Subject Adding a baseDN with GroovyLdap
Date Thu, 27 May 2010 14:27:53 GMT

I am attempting to add a baseDN using ApacheDS and Eclipse, but have
been failing miserable.

Below is the attempt.   I would love it if you could help.



class AddEntryDemo
    static main( args)
        def ldap = LDAP.newInstance('ldap://localhost:10389', 'uid=admin, ou=system' ,'secret')
        // add the baseDN as a valid name entry
        def baseDNAttrs = [ objectclass: ['top', 'ou'], sn: 'dc=epims dc=biz', cn: 'epims'
        ldap.add( 'ou: epims dc=epims dc=biz', baseDNAttrs)
        assert ! ldap.exists('cn=Heather Nova, dc=epims, dc=biz') // checks for previous entry
with this dn
        // define the attributes as a map
        def attrs = [ objectclass: ['top', 'person'], sn: 'Nova', cn: 'Heather Nova' ]
        ldap.add( 'cn=Heather Nova, dc=epims, dc=biz', attrs)
        assert ldap.exists('cn=Heather Nova, dc=epims, dc=com')

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