Ok Mikail, i'm going to do that in the we..

2010/4/9 <samodelkin.m@tut.by>
Yes. There are some changes in new API introduced in 1.5.6 version which are affects some classes like OraclePartition, OracleEntry in your implementation.

Regarding java part:

First of all I'll Rename LdapDN class to DN.

Then i think everything, you should use getDn().getName() instead of getDn().getUpName() for DN type.

Then you should implements 2 methods for working with SchemaManager object in OraclePartition class

public SchemaManager getSchemaManager() {
// get from field.

public void setSchemaManager(SchemaManager schemamanager) {
// store in field.

Also there is no DirectoryService.getRegistries() method in new 1.5.6 version API.

I think now you should use getSchemaManager().getRegistries() for this. But i'm not sure, because after this changes. I have a null pointer exception during directory server startup :).

So, it would be nice if you could compile it on your side.

Thank you.

2010/4/9 Andrea Gariboldi <andrea.gariboldi@gmail.com>

Of course! Have you tried it and found some problems?

2010/4/9 <samodelkin.m@tut.by>

Hello Andrea,

Just a small question. Will you plane to adopt your ApacheDS oracle partition to new ApacheDS 1.5.6 version?

Thank you.

Best Regards.