Thank you Stefan for your comments. Yes I will add those points. And I'll change the commuity name Derby to Directory ;-)
Thank you
Kasun Lakpriya

On Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 3:45 PM, Stefan Seelmann <> wrote:
Kasun Lakpriya wrote:
> Dear Directory Developers,
> I created the draft proposal for "Object LDAP Persistence Tooling" which
> is described under jira(DIRSTUDIO-644). Please give your comments about
> this that I can make this proposal a much better one.
> Link to draft proposal :
> <>

Here are some points:

- Show the motiviation of the tooling. For example explain how difficult
it is for a developer to integrate an LDAP directory into an application
and how the new tooling can help.

- Explain the pitfalls. It won't be that easy to just right-click and
generate some code. Ask yourself how to handle non-simple types (lists,
sets, maps, references to other objects).

- in 'Community Interaction' you once wrote 'Apache Derby community' ;-)

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