I have written an interceptor that makes use of a custom AttributeType and it works fine when I manually import that AttributeType via an ldif import.  I want to make my interceptor more robust by automatically registering the AttributeType on startup if it is not yet defined.  I tried the code below but I get a "javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException: Directory service is not started." error when I add the entry.  What is the correct way to add a new AttributeType within an interceptor?
[called from the interceptor's init() method]
private void registerEntryDNAttributeType(DirectoryService directoryService)
      LdapDN entryDN = new LdapDN("m-oid=2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.602,ou=attributeTypes,cn=other,ou=schema");
      ServerEntry serverEntry = directoryService.newEntry(entryDN);
      serverEntry.add("m-name", ENTRY_DN_NAME);
      serverEntry.add("m-description", "Sun ONE defined virtual attribute type");
      serverEntry.add("m-equality", "");
      serverEntry.add("m-syntax", "");
      serverEntry.add("m-singleValue", "true");
      serverEntry.add("m-usage", "DSA_OPERATION");
    catch (Exception e)
       logger.error("Failed adding entryDN attribute type", e);