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From Ashish <>
Subject Re: Re: Debugging session on MINA ... ouch !
Date Sat, 20 Feb 2010 13:09:27 GMT
On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 6:08 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> Ooops, mailed to the wrong list... Forwarded to mina

> On 2/20/10 12:37 PM, Ashish wrote:
>>  expressions are a mix of :-) nd :-(
>>  Next time just let me know when you folks plan a debugging marathon :-)
>>  May be we can use some screen-sharing tool and I can also participate
>>  means listen :-)
>>  It would have been a good learning.
> The reason I wrote this long mail was to be able to summup what we saw
> so that everyone on the ML can benefit from this session. I don't know
> about tools that allows many people to share a common env (I mean, tools
> that work), but if we have one, we could organize such debugging session.
> In this very case, we didn't planned to do such a debugging session,
> Julien just called me the day before that he will be in Paris for the
> evening. Usually, we go to a restaurant, have a couple of beers and wine
> plus good food, and we brag about people on the project, about
> politicians, about girls, about other coders and share our opinion hat
> we are the only good coders on earth ;) We decided that may be it would
> be better to have a pizza and discuss about MINA 2 and 3 face to face,
> instead of having good time outside, and it was really a good session.
> That's what ApacheCon are good for : F2F meetings are good for sharing
> feelings about the code. But it's only twice a year ...

hopefully I may attend the next one :-)

> In any case, ML remains the place where discussions about the project
> should be done, and when we discuss either F2F or on IRC/IM, these
> discussions should be reflected on the ML. It's all about community !

No 2nd thoughts on this.. :-)

Its a good way of learning. Cisco Webex works real good, but its paid
:-( though a month free trial is available

Let me try out a few and see if any of the freeware works good for us ..

My thoughts were more abt Learn from the Master's :-)


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