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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Entry, Message, review and refactoring
Date Fri, 05 Feb 2010 17:27:52 GMT
Hi guys,

as Kiran told us this week, we have some issues with the current Entry 
API : the fact that we have a Client and a Server type of Entry is 
cumbersome and forbid us to injct the schema in the ldap API.

We also have some issues on the Message hierarchy, as we now have 3 of 
them :
- the Internal Message hierarchy (the one we use in the server)
- the Codec Message Hierarchy (the one we use for encoding and decoding 
- the API Message Hierarchy

Totally overkilling. We have discussed a bit about the reason why we 
have different hierarchies, and one o them was due to the way the 
decoder is working. I think we can alleviate this difference and merge 
those two hierarchies in one, and then remove the need of a transformer.

If so, we will be able to remove the API hierarchy too, and use the same 
one. Much, much better.

Last, not least, using decorators and visitors, we may be able to 
separate the encoding from the current messages. Right now, each message 
knows how to encode itself. It's ok, to a certain extents, but if we 
want to encode a message tp LDIF or DSML, we have to redo the same work 
again in a specific way. What we want to do is to extract the ASN.1 
encoding from the base Message hierarchy and make it a separate process. 
We have done some experiment years ago, but the result was at least 2 
times slower. I think we can make it as fast.

So these are the things we may work on for the next few days. I don't 
think it will take ages, probably one week.

thoughts ?

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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