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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: What about a 1.5.6 soon?
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 13:36:26 GMT
> I have done a quick check on the bugs list, and moved all the urgent
> issues to a 1.5.6 tag. We only have 6 open issues that need love.
> It has been a long time we haven't released a version, it may be time
> to cut one, since we have introduced many new things in the server :
> - new schema handling
> - lots of bug fixes
> - new test framework
> - and many other cool little candies.
> Let's get those 6 bugs fixed, and cut a release, then focus on the   
> next steps.
> wdyt ?

+1 to release it.

However I think we should do two releases:

1st: Branch the 1.5.5 tag, apply the urgent bug fixes (espacially the  
one with growing JDBM store) and release a 1.5.6 form there. This  
would be a pure bug fix release for 1.5.5.

2nd: Bump the current trunk with all the cool new features to  
2.0-M1-SNAPSHOT, fix the remaining bugs, and release a 2.0-M1.

My main concern is that we have 126 @Ignored tests in current trunk  
and I have the feeling that there is too much work-in-progress. I just  
want to avoid that 1.5.6 is less stable than 1.5.5.

Kind Regards,

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