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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] I18n
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 16:41:45 GMT
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>> "mvn clean install" is passing well
>> "mvn clean install -Dintegration":
>>  - JDK1.6 is hanging in StockServerISuite test case
>>  - JDK1.5 fails with error [2]
> Will check that...

Thanks. I don't know if there are any error messages used in
assertEquals in test cases. They will fail now because of the added
ERR_xxx as message prefix.

>> For translation of non error message we have 2 possibilites (because no
>> error code is needed):
>> a) Use the same method as for the error codes and have a MSG_xxx key for
>> each message
>> b) Use inline messages (see also [1])). Doing so the inline messages are
>> used as keys if existing in the i18n-properties file. As translators
>> need to know which inlines can be used as keys the need to be put into
>> the default properties file (but commented) for having a list of
>> available keys
> I would say #1.

2 responses, 2 different opinions. Maybe we get a third one or the PMC
chair makes a decision?

> Just a side question : can't we define a range par project? For
> instance, apacheds-core would use errors between 1000 and 1999,
> shared-ldap use from 12000 to 12999, etc ? Just in order to be able to
> add errors which describes the project they have been generated in, and
> gives us a clue about what's going on ? Just wondering ...

Yes, we can! This is a jira entry worth for the refactoring IMO.
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