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From Emmanuel LŽcharny <>
Subject Re: Dependency cleanup
Date Sat, 09 Jan 2010 20:58:43 GMT
Stefan Seelmann a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'd like to cleanup the dependencies of shared and apacheds.
> 1st I think we should remove unused external dependencies.
> In apacheds each module defines its own dependencies to several shared 
> projects. I had the idea to create a "shared-all" module that 
> aggregates all shared modules and to use this single "shared-all" in 
> apacheds. We could add it as dependency to apachds parent pom and 
> remove all other dependencies to shared. At the end I think we use all 
> shared modules somewhere in apacheds, this would help to avoid lot of 
> dependency declarations.
At some point in the near future, we may want to see shared as a single 
jar (instead of having many of them). It makes totally sense to define 
such a module, as we did for apcheds-all sub-module, and not only to 
avoid those numerous dependencies to be included in the jars.

So  +1, absolutely.
> For internal dependencies I think it makes sense to use Mavens 
> transitive dependency resolution. E.g apacheds-core depends on 
> apacheds-api depends on apacheds-entry, in that case we can remove the 
> direct dependency apacheds-entry from apacheds-core.
I *think* we don't include too many transitive dependencies in the 
pom.xml files, AFAICT after having done some inversigation. But as we 
have around 50 sub-projetcs, I may perfectly be wrong.

In any case, +1 too.

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