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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [Config in DIT] Starting
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 12:20:29 GMT
Hi guys,

so we are done with the new Schema handling (expect some more work 
though), and it's time to move to the next step : Config in DIT.

The schema branch has been moved to trunk and we can work in trunk for 
this task, as the changes won't impact the server until we do the final 
movement : switchng from a server.xml file to the configuration partition.

We have many different steps to get this migration done :
- We have to determinate all the parameters we have to store in the DIT, 
and to decide a hierarchy for them.
- Then we have to define the associated schema to store those parameters 
into the server
- One crucial thing is to think about the bootstrap part : how should we 
read this configuration partition from DIT considering that the server 
will need most of it in order to be functional
- Another aspect is to think about the two kind of parameters we will 
have to handle : the static one (which won't be changed when the server 
has started) and those that can be dynamically reconfigured. One point 
is that we may want to be able o stop and start a DirectoryService using 
an extended request, as soon as the LdapServer has been started (or the 
HttpServer, if we wnt to monitor the full stack using HTTP). I don't 
mean it must be there from day one, but I think it's important to keep 
this in mind
- We have to think about a tool to convert the old server.xml file to 
this new format, assuming that every parameter will be stored as LDIF 
file on the disk
- We should also guarantee that any modification done on those LDIF 
files will be take into account when the server is stopped and started again
- Ideally, we should manage versions of such a partition, so that it 
would be possible to revert any modification (that means we have to 
implement a ChangeLog system storing the revisions on disk)
- We also have to think about Studio
- Last, not least, we *have* to document everything about the 
configuration parameters !

I think it's a month work, more or less, with probably a very first 
version available very quickly, as we have a lot of component already 
there : Stefan has started to wor on the first and second point months 
ago, we have a LdifPartition available, the server has been reworked so 
that the instanciation and the initialization are now two distinct 
parts,  so it may  go fast.

What's next ?
This is one of the last step before 2.0-RC1, and it has to be done 
before replication, because replication need a lot of configuration and 
we don't want to loose time and energy to tweak Xbeans and Spring to get 
it done. Another mandatory step before 2.0-RC1 is the 
Disaster-Recovery-System, which is also a work in progress.

We are close, my friends, we are close, it's not time to let it be !

Many thanks !

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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