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just to be sure that I'm not wrong :

when loading (or deleting) a SchemaObject from a schema, we have three case :

- the schema is loaded (on disk) and enabled : the schema object is loaded into the registries and the oidRegistry

OK presuming the schema object is a novel addition and no collisions occur then yes.
- the schema is loaded (on disk) and disabled : the schema object is loaded into the oidRegistry, no exception is thrown

Yep it is added to the ou=schema area but not enabled (meaning put into the respective schema object type registry).  It must be put in the oid registry (forget why atm).
- the schema is not loaded : we throw an exception

I guess you mean this is an attempt to load a schema object into a non-existent schema right?  In that case yes an exception would result.
When I say 'loaded on disk', that means we have an entry associated with the schema (ou=schema, cn=<schemaName>) must previously exist.

Is that ok ?

Sounds perfect if I have understood you correctly in the last case.

Thanks for groking this!

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