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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject [VOTE] Release of Apache Directory Studio 1.5
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 14:59:32 GMT
Hi all,

Stefan and I would like to propose a vote for the release of Apache
Directory Studio version 1.5.

 Important bug fixes and (very) huge improvements have been made since the
release of the last version (1.4.0) in April.

Here are a few highlights of what's new in this version:
* LDAP Browser
  - GSSAPI Authentication
  - Entry Editors (ability to open single/multiple editors using tabular or
LDIF editing mode)
  - Speed improvements when deleting and importing entries
  - Added UUID value Editor
  - Added MS GUID and SID Value Editors
  - Added Certificate Value Editor
  - Better value modification strategy
  - Added Certificate verification for LDAPS and a Certificate Manager
  - Improved referral handling
* LDIF Editor
  - Opened LDIF editors are now restored between launches
* Apache DS
  - Latest version of Apache DS (1.5.5) now bundled
* Apache DS Configuration
  - Support for editing server.xml from the latest version of Apache DS
* Schema Editor
  - Added the ability to get a schema directly from a server
  - Added the ability to merge schemas between projects
  - Various bug fixes
  - Eclipse 3.5 Galileo dependencies
* General
  - Reordered preference pages (all under a common 'Apache Directory Studio'

Here are the complete release notes from JIRA:
* Sub-task
  - [DIRSTUDIO-516] - Create a new Entry Editor extension point
  - [DIRSTUDIO-517] - Create a new single-window Entry Editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-518] - Create a new multi-window Entry Editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-519] - Create a new LDIF Entry Editor
* Bug
  - [DIRSTUDIO-282] - Save failed: null, when adding an attribute to a
class, if attribute is also open in gui
  - [DIRSTUDIO-331] - Instant error when importing schema in a new
  - [DIRSTUDIO-334] - Built-in help doesn't show icons for "Icons" and
"Toolbars" tables in "LDAP Browser View"
  - [DIRSTUDIO-370] - Welcome screen subpages mouse-over images displays red
  - [DIRSTUDIO-402] - The ManageDsaIT control should be activable for a
single request, not at the connection level
  - [DIRSTUDIO-403] - Cannot add refs when the ExtensibleObject OC has been
added to a referral
  - [DIRSTUDIO-409] - No error message in some special case
  - [DIRSTUDIO-410] - Referral handling is problematic
  - [DIRSTUDIO-418] - Slow LDIF/CSV export
  - [DIRSTUDIO-429] - Meaningless error message on importing schema
  - [DIRSTUDIO-437] - Alias are not exposed as such in the browser
  - [DIRSTUDIO-441] - New ObjectClass and AttributeType wizards always show
a warning indicating that the item does not have any name
  - [DIRSTUDIO-443] - The warning and error overlay for OCs and ATs
sometimes (often) lacks forgets some items
  - [DIRSTUDIO-473] - Import OpenLDAP core schema
  - [DIRSTUDIO-481] - Improve refreshing of attributes and children
  - [DIRSTUDIO-483] - DN Editor escapes all non-ascii characters
  - [DIRSTUDIO-484] - Rename dialog does not work with escaped RDNs
  - [DIRSTUDIO-486] - Include Version Specifier in LDIF export
  - [DIRSTUDIO-488] - New context entry creation is not shown just after
  - [DIRSTUDIO-489] - LDIF Import very slow
  - [DIRSTUDIO-490] - Copy/Paste a search from one connection to another
doesn't work
  - [DIRSTUDIO-493] - Aliased attributes show only one attribute name in the
RDN selection list instead of the full aliases list
  - [DIRSTUDIO-495] - Cannot edit password field
  - [DIRSTUDIO-497] - LdapSchema plugin 'Save' is erratic
  - [DIRSTUDIO-499] - SOCKS proxy settings not used on startup
  - [DIRSTUDIO-502] - Copy/Paste the context entry from one connection to
another doesn't work
  - [DIRSTUDIO-503] - New Entry -> Available object classes list remains
stale after new objectclasses added
  - [DIRSTUDIO-504] - Timestamp attribute with an invalid time in it is read
only - editor ignores entry
  - [DIRSTUDIO-506] - Export Schemas for ApacheDS: object classes must be
sorted by hierarchy
  - [DIRSTUDIO-507] - Attempt to rename the rdn results in message contain
{0} and {1}
  - [DIRSTUDIO-512] - Deletion of entries very slow
  - [DIRSTUDIO-514] - Unable to restore last opened ldif-editors on restart
  - [DIRSTUDIO-520] - NPE when saving a 1.5.0 server configuration
  - [DIRSTUDIO-524] - Operational attributes are not show, although enabled
under preferences
  - [DIRSTUDIO-527] - Unable to display Active Directory GUIDs
  - [DIRSTUDIO-529] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of the
Browser view
  - [DIRSTUDIO-530] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of the
Entry editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-531] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of the
Search Results editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-532] - Refreshing parent of referral may give
  - [DIRSTUDIO-537] - Error in the title of the Properties window of a
server in the Apache DS plugin
  - [DIRSTUDIO-547] - Editor for Classes userClass saves or reloads
incorrect value
  - [DIRSTUDIO-549] - subtree userClass editor does not keep full DN for
base component upon its selection
  - [DIRSTUDIO-550] - Root DSE properties: Directory types IBM Tivoli
Directory Server 6.1 and 6.2 not detected correctly
  - [DIRSTUDIO-552] - NullPointerException if Root DSE of IBM Tivoli
Directory Server displayed in Entry Editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-553] - Add descriptions for server specific OIDs of IBM
Tivoli Directory Server 6.1 and 6.2
  - [DIRSTUDIO-557] - Edit value and edit entry are not working if DN is
  - [DIRSTUDIO-565] - Inconsistent handling of the 'modified schemas' flag
  - [DIRSTUDIO-568] - When editing an AT or OC, using the scroll wheel may
trigger a combo change
  - [DIRSTUDIO-569] - Exceptions showing up in the log when starting a
server in the Apache DS plugin
  - [DIRSTUDIO-570] - Integer Value Editor does not accept negative numbers
  - [DIRSTUDIO-571] - Modification is logged even if referred to another
directory server
* Improvement
  - [DIRSTUDIO-145] - Multiple tabs for entry editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-263] - Add certificate validation for ldaps and StartTLS
  - [DIRSTUDIO-371] - Entries with a ref attribute should be shown N times
in the browser (N = number of ref values)
  - [DIRSTUDIO-444] - Allow the user to enter the names of an item inline
(using ',' as separator) in the OC and AT Editors
  - [DIRSTUDIO-485] - Provide default IAuthHandler and IReferralHandler to
be used in connections core without connections ui
  - [DIRSTUDIO-487] - Empty namingcontexts causes
javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Bad DN
  - [DIRSTUDIO-496] - Password editor improvements
  - [DIRSTUDIO-509] - Load schema from the directory server
  - [DIRSTUDIO-513] - Do delete before add when modifying attribute values
  - [DIRSTUDIO-521] - Replace the XSLT transformation by the use of the
Dom4J OutputFormat class for XML pretty print
  - [DIRSTUDIO-533] - Only show referral handling dialog when opening or
expanding referral entry
  - [DIRSTUDIO-534] - Re-order the preference pages for better understanding
  - [DIRSTUDIO-535] - Use SWT.SEARCH and SWT.CANCEL style bits on search
text field for a native search field on Mac OS X
  - [DIRSTUDIO-541] - Add support for version 1.5.5 of the Apache DS
  - [DIRSTUDIO-548] - SubtreeSpecification Editor does not accept empty
filter if it's selected
  - [DIRSTUDIO-554] - Add option to save tabular entry editor automatically
or manually
  - [DIRSTUDIO-555] - Human readable descriptions of OIDs in binary
attributes preference page
  - [DIRSTUDIO-558] - Load special entries (aliases, referrals, subentries)
per request, add menu items to browser's context menu
* New Feature
  - [DIRSTUDIO-62] - Add GSSAPI authentication - Cannot connect to Active
Directory if not using Simple authentication
  - [DIRSTUDIO-434] - Add value editor for Active Directory objectGUID and
objectSid attributes
  - [DIRSTUDIO-462] - Add Export to Open Document Format
  - [DIRSTUDIO-494] - Add value editor for certificates (syntax
  - [DIRSTUDIO-510] - Add functionality to copy/merge schema elements
between schema projects
  - [DIRSTUDIO-515] - Add extensibility to Entry Editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-536] - Add support for version 1.5.5 of the Apache DS
server.xml configuration file
  - [DIRSTUDIO-556] - Add value editor for UUID
  - [DIRSTUDIO-562] - Add 'Copy Display Value' action, default copy action
should copy displayed value
* Task
  - [DIRSTUDIO-479] - Object classes of an entry should always be present
  - [DIRSTUDIO-523] - Update Eclipse dependencies to version 3.5 Galileo
  - [DIRSTUDIO-525] - Remove support for the Linux PPC distribution
  - [DIRSTUDIO-573] - Update bundled Apache DS Schema files to version 1.5.5
* Wish
  - [DIRSTUDIO-167] - Show custom icons for various kinds of schema elements
while browsing schema data

Let's vote now:
[ ] +1 | Release Apache Directory Studio 1.5
[ ] +/-0 | Abstain
[ ] -1 | Do NOT release Apache Directory Studio 1.5

NOTE: The release of Studio does *NOT* implicate the release of Shared this
time (version 0.9.15 will be used).

Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot

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