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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject [VOTE] Release of Apache Directory Studio 1.5 - Take 2
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 11:59:09 GMT
Hi all,

the last vote was cancelled because we found some serious bugs in the
preview which are fixed now. Also Felix added a last improvement.

So we'd like to start a 2nd vote for the release of Apache Directory
Studio version 1.5. Updated binary packages will be available soon at:

Important bug fixes and (very) huge improvements have been made since
the release of the last version (1.4.0) in April.

Here are a few highlights of what's new in this version:
* LDAP Browser
  - GSSAPI Authentication
  - Entry Editors (ability to open single/multiple editors using tabular
or LDIF editing mode)
  - Speed improvements when deleting and importing entries
  - Added UUID value Editor
  - Added MS GUID and SID Value Editors
  - Added Certificate Value Editor
  - Better value modification strategy
  - Added Certificate verification for LDAPS and a Certificate Manager
  - Improved referral handling
* LDIF Editor
  - Opened LDIF editors are now restored between launches
* Apache DS
  - Latest version of Apache DS (1.5.5) now bundled
* Apache DS Configuration
  - Support for editing server.xml from the latest version of Apache DS
* Schema Editor
  - Added the ability to get a schema directly from a server
  - Added the ability to merge schemas between projects
  - Various bug fixes
  - Eclipse 3.5 Galileo dependencies
* General
  - Reordered preference pages (all under a common 'Apache Directory
Studio' root)

Here are the complete release notes from JIRA:
* Sub-task
  - [DIRSTUDIO-516] - Create a new Entry Editor extension point
  - [DIRSTUDIO-517] - Create a new single-window Entry Editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-518] - Create a new multi-window Entry Editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-519] - Create a new LDIF Entry Editor
* Bug
  - [DIRSTUDIO-282] - Save failed: null, when adding an attribute to a
class, if attribute is also open in gui
  - [DIRSTUDIO-331] - Instant error when importing schema in a new
  - [DIRSTUDIO-334] - Built-in help doesn't show icons for "Icons" and
"Toolbars" tables in "LDAP Browser View"
  - [DIRSTUDIO-370] - Welcome screen subpages mouse-over images displays
red crosses
  - [DIRSTUDIO-402] - The ManageDsaIT control should be activable for a
single request, not at the connection level
  - [DIRSTUDIO-403] - Cannot add refs when the ExtensibleObject OC has
been added to a referral
  - [DIRSTUDIO-409] - No error message in some special case
  - [DIRSTUDIO-410] - Referral handling is problematic
  - [DIRSTUDIO-418] - Slow LDIF/CSV export
  - [DIRSTUDIO-429] - Meaningless error message on importing schema
  - [DIRSTUDIO-437] - Alias are not exposed as such in the browser
  - [DIRSTUDIO-441] - New ObjectClass and AttributeType wizards always
show a warning indicating that the item does not have any name
  - [DIRSTUDIO-443] - The warning and error overlay for OCs and ATs
sometimes (often) lacks forgets some items
  - [DIRSTUDIO-473] - Import OpenLDAP core schema
  - [DIRSTUDIO-481] - Improve refreshing of attributes and children
  - [DIRSTUDIO-483] - DN Editor escapes all non-ascii characters
  - [DIRSTUDIO-484] - Rename dialog does not work with escaped RDNs
  - [DIRSTUDIO-486] - Include Version Specifier in LDIF export
  - [DIRSTUDIO-488] - New context entry creation is not shown just after
  - [DIRSTUDIO-489] - LDIF Import very slow
  - [DIRSTUDIO-490] - Copy/Paste a search from one connection to another
doesn't work
  - [DIRSTUDIO-493] - Aliased attributes show only one attribute name in
the RDN selection list instead of the full aliases list
  - [DIRSTUDIO-495] - Cannot edit password field
  - [DIRSTUDIO-497] - LdapSchema plugin 'Save' is erratic
  - [DIRSTUDIO-499] - SOCKS proxy settings not used on startup
  - [DIRSTUDIO-502] - Copy/Paste the context entry from one connection
to another doesn't work
  - [DIRSTUDIO-503] - New Entry -> Available object classes list remains
stale after new objectclasses added
  - [DIRSTUDIO-504] - Timestamp attribute with an invalid time in it is
read only - editor ignores entry
  - [DIRSTUDIO-506] - Export Schemas for ApacheDS: object classes must
be sorted by hierarchy
  - [DIRSTUDIO-507] - Attempt to rename the rdn results in message
contain {0} and {1}
  - [DIRSTUDIO-512] - Deletion of entries very slow
  - [DIRSTUDIO-514] - Unable to restore last opened ldif-editors on restart
  - [DIRSTUDIO-520] - NPE when saving a 1.5.0 server configuration
  - [DIRSTUDIO-524] - Operational attributes are not show, although
enabled under preferences
  - [DIRSTUDIO-527] - Unable to display Active Directory GUIDs
  - [DIRSTUDIO-529] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of
the Browser view
  - [DIRSTUDIO-530] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of
the Entry editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-531] - Unpretty 2-3 pixels height margin at the top of
the Search Results editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-532] - Refreshing parent of referral may give
  - [DIRSTUDIO-537] - Error in the title of the Properties window of a
server in the Apache DS plugin
  - [DIRSTUDIO-547] - Editor for Classes userClass saves or reloads
incorrect value
  - [DIRSTUDIO-549] - subtree userClass editor does not keep full DN for
base component upon its selection
  - [DIRSTUDIO-550] - Root DSE properties: Directory types IBM Tivoli
Directory Server 6.1 and 6.2 not detected correctly
  - [DIRSTUDIO-552] - NullPointerException if Root DSE of IBM Tivoli
Directory Server displayed in Entry Editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-553] - Add descriptions for server specific OIDs of IBM
Tivoli Directory Server 6.1 and 6.2
  - [DIRSTUDIO-557] - Edit value and edit entry are not working if DN is
  - [DIRSTUDIO-565] - Inconsistent handling of the 'modified schemas' flag
  - [DIRSTUDIO-568] - When editing an AT or OC, using the scroll wheel
may trigger a combo change
  - [DIRSTUDIO-569] - Exceptions showing up in the log when starting a
server in the Apache DS plugin
  - [DIRSTUDIO-570] - Integer Value Editor does not accept negative numbers
  - [DIRSTUDIO-571] - Modification is logged even if referred to another
directory server
  - [DIRSTUDIO-575] - Bookmarks not working
* Improvement
  - [DIRSTUDIO-145] - Multiple tabs for entry editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-263] - Add certificate validation for ldaps and StartTLS
  - [DIRSTUDIO-371] - Entries with a ref attribute should be shown N
times in the browser (N = number of ref values)
  - [DIRSTUDIO-444] - Allow the user to enter the names of an item
inline (using ',' as separator) in the OC and AT Editors
  - [DIRSTUDIO-485] - Provide default IAuthHandler and IReferralHandler
to be used in connections core without connections ui
  - [DIRSTUDIO-487] - Empty namingcontexts causes
javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Bad DN
  - [DIRSTUDIO-496] - Password editor improvements
  - [DIRSTUDIO-509] - Load schema from the directory server
  - [DIRSTUDIO-513] - Do delete before add when modifying attribute values
  - [DIRSTUDIO-521] - Replace the XSLT transformation by the use of the
Dom4J OutputFormat class for XML pretty print
  - [DIRSTUDIO-533] - Only show referral handling dialog when opening or
expanding referral entry
  - [DIRSTUDIO-534] - Re-order the preference pages for better understanding
  - [DIRSTUDIO-535] - Use SWT.SEARCH and SWT.CANCEL style bits on search
text field for a native search field on Mac OS X
  - [DIRSTUDIO-541] - Add support for version 1.5.5 of the Apache DS
  - [DIRSTUDIO-548] - SubtreeSpecification Editor does not accept empty
filter if it's selected
  - [DIRSTUDIO-554] - Add option to save tabular entry editor
automatically or manually
  - [DIRSTUDIO-555] - Human readable descriptions of OIDs in binary
attributes preference page
  - [DIRSTUDIO-558] - Load special entries (aliases, referrals,
subentries) per request, add menu items to browser's context menu
  - [DIRSTUDIO-574] - Add 'Cancel' button to "Select copy strategy" (was
Abort of copy/paste not possible)
* New Feature
  - [DIRSTUDIO-62] - Add GSSAPI authentication - Cannot connect to
Active Directory if not using Simple authentication
  - [DIRSTUDIO-434] - Add value editor for Active Directory objectGUID
and objectSid attributes
  - [DIRSTUDIO-462] - Add Export to Open Document Format
  - [DIRSTUDIO-494] - Add value editor for certificates (syntax
  - [DIRSTUDIO-510] - Add functionality to copy/merge schema elements
between schema projects
  - [DIRSTUDIO-515] - Add extensibility to Entry Editor
  - [DIRSTUDIO-536] - Add support for version 1.5.5 of the Apache DS
server.xml configuration file
  - [DIRSTUDIO-556] - Add value editor for UUID
  - [DIRSTUDIO-562] - Add 'Copy Display Value' action, default copy
action should copy displayed value
* Task
  - [DIRSTUDIO-479] - Object classes of an entry should always be present
  - [DIRSTUDIO-523] - Update Eclipse dependencies to version 3.5 Galileo
  - [DIRSTUDIO-525] - Remove support for the Linux PPC distribution
  - [DIRSTUDIO-573] - Update bundled Apache DS Schema files to version 1.5.5
* Wish
  - [DIRSTUDIO-167] - Show custom icons for various kinds of schema
elements while browsing schema data

Let's vote now:
[ ] +1 | Release Apache Directory Studio 1.5
[ ] +/-0 | Abstain
[ ] -1 | Do NOT release Apache Directory Studio 1.5

NOTE: The release of Studio does *NOT* implicate the release of Shared
this time (version 0.9.15 will be used).

Kind Regards,

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