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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [Schema refactoring] Need some extra data structure to manage schema manipulation
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 21:37:55 GMT
Stefan Seelmann wrote:
> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
>> We have to be able to check that quickly (ie, without visiting all those
>> SO looking for this AT), that mean either adding some added fields in
>> all those SO (something like the list of OCs using this AT, added as a
>> set in the AT instance), or having a Map associating an SO with all the
>> SO's referencing it.
>> I think that the second solution is way better, as it does not add many
>> fields and setters/getters in a bunch of classes, and also is easy to
>> attach to the Registries. We just have to define a hashCode() for each
>> SO which is built using their OID (or ruleId) combined with their
>> ObjectType (to avoid collision, as some SO may have the same OID : MRUs
>> have the MR's ODI they are associated with).
> So with the second solution all SO are in one map? So if you need to
> know which OCs using this AT you have to loop over all map items and
> check if they are OC.
Sorry, I mean, we need two tables :
o one for holding the list of SO a SO is using
o one for holding the list of SO using a SO
> I'd vote for the first solution. I think that would be more reusable and
> more object oriented. For example in Studio for the Schema _Browser_,
> currently there is a totally inefficient SchemaUtils class [1] with
> helper methods that loop over all SO to find references. It would be
> cool if we could reuse this in Studio.
Well, with those 2 tables, you will have way better performances than 
wit the current methods of SchemaUtils !

>> At this point, the only risk I forsee is that this Map is not accessible
>> if the Registries is not accessible when we want to update it. Will see...
> One risk I see are memory leaks, if SO are removed from the registries
> but still referenced from other SOs.
Yes, but this is a theorical risk, as we are so damn good coders !!!

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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