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Hi guys,

right now, the Partition interface is used in two places :
- as the interceptor chain entry point
- as the facade for the specific backends (JDBM, LDIF, Oracle...)

We are using the same interface in both case.

What about defining two different interfaces ? One for the chain, one for the backend ?

Don't know for sure. Need to think a bit more about this.  What specific entry point into the chain are you citing as using the Partition interface?  I thought we used LdapSession which has similar methods yet adapted to deal with session related concerns.

LdapSession is the adaptation of Partition that you're looking for I think.

The chain interface (ie, Partition, to keep the existing name), will carry the operations (add, delete, search...), the other interface, named BackendPartition, which expose a bit more methods, like the sync() method, get/set Id, get/set SuffixDn, etc.

Does it make sense to you ?

yeap, and one more thing is to change the BTreePartition class name too.
(I somehow feel that it doesn't sound like a generic base class)

I agree.  I think this is a base XdbmPartition implementation really.
A problem I often encounter when writing a new partition is with the cast in DefaultDirectoryService
where it assumes that all partitions are JdbmPartitionS, I think the time is right to get this fixed.

Right and I think I already removed this.  It's pretty clear at this point that some of the code in DDS can be moved into the XdbmPartition's initialization.  For example these is a fragment of code that checks to make sure the XdbmPartition indexes objectClass and therefore applies casts in the DDS exposing and binding us to the Jdbm implementation.  This need not be present anymore and may no longer be there as of last night.

I will make sure with re-factoring this will go away.

But most importantly we should review this stuff.  Emmanuel it's great that you posted this because it puts all our thoughts out there to be investigated.  I'll try to do the same and give people a basis to review what we are doing.

Thanks all,

thanks Emmanuel

Kiran Ayyagari

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