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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Question about Schema
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2009 12:24:13 GMT
>> When we inject a schema in the server, we store it on disk in a Ldif
>> partition. All the schema objects are then written to disk (id we inject a
>> OpenLDAP format schema or the ldif counterpart). At this time, it's disabled
>> by default, and each schema element has an attributeType m-disabled set to
>> TRUE. The registries does not contain any of the loaded elements, except if
>> the m-disabled AT is set to FALSE (and even then it all depends on if the
>> schema is enabled or not)
> If the m-disabled attribute is not present then it defaults to FALSE I
> think.  So deleting the m-disabled attribute enables the schema as well.


>> So the basic rules, AFAIK, are :
>> - a schema is disabled when loaded, unless it's explicitely enabled
> If a schema is loaded it is enabled.  You must mean something else besides
> "loaded" here.
>> - if a schema is disabled, then all the contained schemaObject are
>> disabled, even if they are marked as enabled
> When the schema subsystem was originally devised we did not have
> schemaObject level enable/disable capabilities.  Actually I did not know we
> added this until now.  However I think the schema enabled/disabled bit
> should override individual schemaObject enabled/disabled bit to exhibit the
> kind of behavior one would intuitively expect.

Most certainly. This is how I wil implement the function then.

>> - we can't disabled a schemaObject if another enabled schema object
>> depends on it (like if the disabled element is an AT and is the superior of
>> another AT)
> This is true: the schemaObject depending on the candidate to be disabled
> must be disabled first.  Eventually we should allow for a cascade disable
> capability to make this easy and atomic.

Probably a good idea (cascading). But a first step is to forbid it right now.

>> - whatever we do on the schema does not impact the data, in any way.
> This is true.  However it may impact the server so it is no longer able to
> return entries with modified or deleted schema objects pertinent to the
> entry being returned.

Except if you use a filter using one of those deleted attributes, the
server should still be able to return the entries. To be checked.

Thanks !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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