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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject DirectoryServer instanciation
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 23:07:47 GMT

FYI, here is the list of constructor called when we instanciate a 
DefaultDirectoryService :

Instanciation process

new DefaultDirectoryService()
  new DefaultOperationManager( DirectoryService ) ???
  new SynchWorker()
  <init interceptors>
    new NormalizationInterceptor()
    new AuthenticationInterceptor()
    new ReferralInterceptor()
    new AciAuthorizationInterceptor()
    new DefaultAuthorizationInterceptor()
    new ExceptionInterceptor()
    new ChangeLogInterceptor()
    new OperationalAttributeInterceptor()
    new SchemaInterceptor()
    new SubentryInterceptor()
    new CollectiveAttributeInterceptor()
    new EventInterceptor()
    new TriggerInterceptor()
    new JournalInterceptor()
  new DefaultChangeLog()
  new DefaultJournal()
  new CsnFactory( id ) : This should not be created here, as we don't 
have a valid configuration yet
  new DefaultSchemaService()
    new SchemaPartition()
      new Registries()
        new OidRegistry();
        new NormalizerRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new ComparatorRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new SyntaxCheckerRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new LdapSyntaxRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new MatchingRuleRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new AttributeTypeRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new ObjectClassRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new DITContentRuleRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new DITStructureRuleRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new MatchingRuleUseRegistry( oidRegistry );
        new NameFormRegistry( oidRegistry );
      new NullPartition()

The initialization is a bit more complex, and has to be analyzed.

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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