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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [LDIF partition] File names
Date Sat, 05 Sep 2009 17:06:45 GMT

after having thought about the OS filesystem name limitations (forbidden 
chars, case sensitivity, length), here is what I propose for the file 
names on a ldif partition :

- a file/directory name will be composed by the AT short name (or the 
oid if the AT does not have a short name) in lowercase, followed by the 
'=' sign, and the normalized value, ad ".ldif" as a suffix
- if we have special characters in the normalized value (like '/', '<', 
'>', '?', ':', '|', '&', '"', ' ', '*', they will be escaped using '\'
- the normalized value will be lowercased
- we don't handle file names longer than 255 characters
- we don't handle case sensitive normalized values (ou=test.ldif and 
ou=TEST.ldif won't exist on the same directory)
- if an entry has a child at least, a directory will be created, without 
the .ldif extension

thoughts ?

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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