So what's the big deal this used to work before???  Well now we have the LDAP schema project that contains all the LDAP schema information in an LDIF repository that can be used by a client to cache/preload schema or by the Apache Directory Server for the schema partition.

The schema repository is self extracting/copying if jar/exploded. So the extractor bundled in the shared-ldap-schema-[version].jar will deposit the LDIF files bundled in it's jar in the right place making sure each resource is unique or flagging an error.  This extractor unlike what we had for the old db file based schema partition does not have that DBFILES issue that bit us in the ass all the time.

So with this we also have a ldap-schema-loader module in shared that loads this schema data from the LDIF repository into a Registries object containing all the schema information as objects and ready to be used for schema checks, normalization, and comparison etc. 

So we're ready now in this branch to clean up the server.


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