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OK to be more clear on what I desire:

We have things like getString() and toString().  Sometimes we have pretty
print functionality in toString().  If you have an object which you want
turned into a string representation toString() might just do the job like
for an Enum or something like that.  You basically intuit that you can
toString() the damn thing.  Like Value.toString() is the string value.

If you want to have some extensive pretty print output for debugging and
logging then put that into a getPrettyString() or something like that
instead of toString().  Value or some other object out there like the
SchemaObject and subclasses have the toString() doing a pretty print and I
just wanted the string representation of the value.  If I want to pretty
print something then let's just have a toPrettyString() or something very
explicit.  Hard to tell if I should use Value.toString() or
Well, again, toString() is used for logging or, most important, debugging purpose. In this case, the more we have, the prettier it is, the better.

However, as I said,  when the String format is very well known, then adding some information is useless (like printing a LdifEntry as something not looking like a LDIF).

I insist on the debugging point because the toString() method is what is used by *all* the IDE when you want to watch a variable.

getPrettyString() is most certainly not the good thing to use in this case, you can't use it while debugging.

I disagree in general with this toString() just being used for logging.  It's a bad practice that even Josh Bloch should not characterize as only for logging.  And the reason for this is that the JVM automatically converts a type to a string representation by calling toString() whenever a string is needed.  This is dangerous and one should not presume it's always safe to just use toString() as an "only for logging output" method that can be leisurely set to anything u like.

Sometimes people are surprise when the compiler does the interchange between the type and the String returned by toString().  I just think any method that the compiler treats in a special way like this should be considered carefully. 

Also regarding your point about IDE's using toString(): usually there can be some alignment but if not you can always setup a custom renderer in the IDE's debugger.  Most people rarely ever use this feature since they just dig into the object via the variable viewer.

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