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Stefan Zoerner wrote:
+1 for a release.

The documentation is currently very inconsistent, especially w.r.t. configuration, several times it states ("in the upcoming release").

Cleaning it up requires an official release as a stable base, in my opinion.

Ok. I will launch a vote then.

Thanks guys !

Btw, Stefan, I was wondering if defining our own "ldap certification" would worth the effort. The idea is to define tests for a better coverage of LDAP operations, using some tool to define, in order to run them against ADS, and potentially any LDAP server. Or maybe we can extend VSLDAP test suite.

Here, I think you will have a better idea than myself about the load it will be. In fact, I'm a bit fed up of writing unit tests when we can run a complete set of common tests, and also because usually, when I define a unit tests, I'm noyt always 100% sure what should be the behavior of a correct LDAP server, and it leads to some inconsistency (see the Modify operation problems we are dealing with).

I think that this can be yet another LDAP community wide effort. Why not get a bunch of LDAP server providers to be involved in this effort as well like we've done with the API effort.

This can be an open source certification suite that all vendors can use and we can all develop collaboratively.

On another note we can even leverage the new API to write these tests or some of Stefan Zoerner's most excellent work with LDAP Groovy.  I imagine it would have to be retrofitted to work with the new API but it might not be that hard.

scripting language + api + LDAP test suite + LDAP Studio = great testing tools for LDAP


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