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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject ADS 1.5.5 report # 2
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 07:44:16 GMT

An update about the current version.

We currently have 27 opened issues, and since the last report, one
have been removed from this list. However, we have created and closed
many issues in the meantime. So far, for this version, 89 issues have
been fixed, some of them really serious.

At this point, I would suggest to release,e because the remaining bugs
are less important than the fixed bugs, and 1.5.4 become to be fishy.
We probably can postpone most of the issues to the next release. Wdyt

Here is the list aff all the opened issues for 1.5.5

B : Blocker
C : Critical
M : Major
m : Minor
T : Trivial

Bug T    DIRSERVER-257     [Access Control] Autonomous areas for AC
must not overlap
Bug M    DIRSERVER-803     Creating an alias from a child entry to the
ancestor causes an error (return code 36)
Bug M    DIRSERVER-849     Lacking atomicity for modify operations on
schema subentry
Bug M    DIRSERVER-999     rangeOfValues protedtedItem should not be
applicable in Entry scope
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1000     The filter of the rangeOfValues
protectedItem should be evaluated on only the single attribute, not
the whole entry
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1173     Delete operation with a PersistentSearch
returns the deleted entry
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1198     Requests of usercertificate;binary are not supported
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1240     After binding using NTLM, cannot query if
AllowAnonymousAccess is off
Bug B    DIRSERVER-1252     Server tools dump command broken due to
use of old paths
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1281     StreamCorruptedException after brutal shutdown
Bug m    DIRSERVER-1286     Windows service always created with
default installation path
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1302     Exception error message unhelpful when
adding attributeType and objectClass with colliding names
Bug m    DIRSERVER-1312     Log4j with DEBUG
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1314     Helpless error message while a LDIF import
fails in unit tests
Bug C    DIRSERVER-1327     Creating a new index when the server has
already stored values for the attribute does not work
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1336     lowercase m-may attrnibutes change on LDIF
import with Studio
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1340     Search the schema partition for
(objectClass=metaTop) returns no results
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1349     Alias not working with scope ONELEVEL_SCOPE
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1354     System files partition corruption
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1355     Alias dereferncing with subtree search
isn't working correctly
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1357     NullPointerException when deleting alias
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1373     Update of server certificate in
uid=admin,ou=system only takes effect after restart
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1379     ou=system shows multiple time in
ldapsearch with different createTimestamps
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1380     Apache DS sending values in response to
"no values" query
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1390     Attribute caching issues - warning and
error messages thrown on startup
Bug C    DIRSERVER-1393     Modification with multiple items are not
considered as atomic operation
Bug M    DIRSERVER-1394     Modifying subschema subentry doesn't work
in some case

Impr m    DIRSERVER-289     Configure an optional password message
digest algorithm which is applied on userPassword attribute values at
add and modify operations.
Impr M    DIRSERVER-874     Entries should be normalized in the
Impr M    DIRSERVER-997     Block search ability for userPassword attribute
Impr M    DIRSERVER-1210     Make the core-plugin (schema) generating
mojo produce schema constants file
Impr M    DIRSERVER-1248     rc.d init script to default to "default" instance
Impr M    DIRSERVER-1271     Inject the modified entry into the OpContext
Impr M    DIRSERVER-1282     Unit testing documentation is out of date
Impr m    DIRSERVER-1288     put apacheds-server-unit-1.5.4.jar
dependencies into Manifest
Impr M    DIRSERVER-1299     Add causes when rethrowing caught
exceptions (e.g. in
Impr M    DIRSERVER-1307     Inject LDIF files at the right level when
running tests
Impr T    DIRSERVER-1346     Use ServiceLifecycleListener to avoid
having System.out messages for service start/stop events.

NewF M    DIRSERVER-434     Add Support for Paged Search Results Control
NewF M    DIRSERVER-887     provide remote access info (memnonic name
and ip) to complement audit trail info
NewF m    DIRSERVER-949     Add support for LDAP URLs in context searches
NewF M    DIRSERVER-992     Define new schema objects for Stored
Procedure handling
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1030     Add CascadeControl and add functionality
to cascade modify and delete effects
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1186     Trace control and request level logging
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1203     RFC2307bis Support is missing
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1217     Binds with referrals can be used for
delegated authentication
NewF m    DIRSERVER-1246     Add shell scripts and batch files for clients
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1259     Make the userPassword not searchable from
the outside
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1261     Add some CL tools to rebuild indices
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1262     Add a Jetty container
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1263     Add authz schema
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1264     Add extended operations to reverting
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1265     Add support for VLV control
NewF M    DIRSERVER-1291     Support of Proxied Authorization Control
(RFC 4370)

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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