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From Kiran Ayyagari <>
Subject [ApacheDS] do we need a special partition for CiDIT?
Date Sun, 02 Aug 2009 14:48:40 GMT
hello guys,

       As a second step in getting the CiDIT [1] am currently implementing a new partition
which uses
       LDIF files as backend, however as I go deeper in implementation(atm the partition supports
add operation)
       I asked a couple of questions to myself which I would like to share and seek opinion

       1. Instead of creating a whole new partition impl for storing CiDIT can we use the
existing (and well tested)
          JDBM partition?

          The JDBM based partition stores data in binary format but in order to make the configuration
editable using
          a simple text editor I propose the following steps

          a. After initial startup of server the default configuration will be dumped to the
file system as a single
             LDIF file or as a set of directories and LDIF files( mimicking the DIT structure)

          b. A watchdog thread will keep listening on this file(s) for changes

              i. any change of type update/delete done to the content of file(s) will be reflected
                 the CiDIT accordingly, but

              ii. If the file itself gets deleted we *don't* delete the configuration data
in DIT but simply dump
                  that data again to file system. To delete the configuration data completely
the corresponding
                  partition needs to be physically removed from the disk in which case the
system restores the
                  default configuration during the next startup

          c. similarly this file(s) gets updated if the configuration data DIT gets updated

   thanks for your time and I appreciate your comments :)

   P.S:- Though implementing a partition is not difficult it is certainly not trivial, am
thinking in terms of
         maintaining code and the amount of configuration required for each new partition
impl to be used in server
         and also considering the time we have to implement replication support in 2.0


Kiran Ayyagari

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