On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 7:27 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@apache.org> wrote:
Hi guys,

following one thread started more than a month ago, I would like to get your opinion about the DeleteRequest implementation.

We currently have the following methods (Thanks to Kiran who implemented them) :

delete( LdapDN )
delete( LdapDN, boolean deleteChildren )
delete( LdapDN, DeleteListener )
delete( LdapDN, boolean deleteChildren, DeleteListener )
delete( DeleteRequest );
delete( DeleteRequest, DeleteListener );

Why not have a delete() and a deleteTree() method and do away with the deleteChildren parameter?  The parameter permutes the number of method overloads and I think it's just more clear to use another method name all together due to the nature of the operation. Here's what this looks like:

delete( LdapDN )
deleteTree( LdapDN )
delete( LdapDN, DeleteListener )
deleteTree( LdapDN, DeleteListener )

I don't see the point to having delete take the DeleteRequest. I guess this is for convenience in the codec?  If so then might this not be best a package friendly method overload?

If we exclude the last parameter, used only for asynchronous requests, we have some other options :

- delete( String ) // instead of a LdapDN
- the boolean (deleteChildren) is associated with a control, we can pass it to the DeleteRequest Object.

is the following list of methods enough then ? :
delete( String [, DeleteListener] )
delete( LdapDN [, DeleteListener] )
delete( DeleteRequest [, DeleteListener] )

Hmmm if I want to delete a tree of entries then I will have no choice but to wrap my LdapDN in a DeleteRequest which I must now create, just to add the control to delete the subtree. 

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