The design I am workiing on is that the core of the gateway will be independant from HTTP and SOAP. You will have a DSLMProcessor that requires a Reader to get the incoming DSMLBatchRequest message and will return a DSMLBatchResponse message through a Writer. The integration through SOAP will be done at another level through another component. So the integration through REST will be quite simple.


On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 12:05 PM, ayyagarikiran <> wrote:

hi Jeff,

  I have a question, is the gateway you are working on can also be used without the overhead of SOAP?
  In other words, is it designed (or possible to design like) in a way that the DSML can be served as it is?

  This way it can be used as a simple REST service or can be wrapped in a SOAP envelop at a higher level and sent
  for SOAP clients

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